Snapshots of my favourite holiday memories

Whenever someone asks about my love of Disney World, I reply that I practically grew up in central Florida, visiting every few years since the age of three. In between these magical trips, I had a fair few memorable trips to other parts of the world. While I may no longer be a fan of the traditional beach holiday, I used to love to spend the day making mischief on a beach somewhere. Running up and down, begging my dad to dig a big hole in the sand for no reason, and jumping in and out of an inflatable tyre were all staples of my childhood.

In October, I made more memories to last a lifetime in Disney World with my sister. Also that month, Harry at Instant Print asked me to write a blog post about my postcard-perfect memories of my travels. They also send this bundle of goodies, which came in very useful in Florida.


Without further ado, here are my snapshots of my favourite travel memories so far.

Rome, 2016 

I’ll always remember this long weekend break to the capital of Italy. It was my first quick city trip during my working life. Using only one day of holiday, we still managed to see a lot of Rome over four days. It was also my first trip with my best friend Jaye. Hopefully it will turn into the first of many!



Interrailing, 2015

This was our ‘hallelujah we’ve finished our degrees’ trip. We hopped on a plane and then a few trains to visit Berlin, Prague, Budapest and Krakow. It was a ball from start to finish. I loved getting a taste of four different countries in two weeks.



New York City, 2012

My first time in the big apple! We went for five days while I was at college. The trip was eventful to say the least, from my mum falling over dramatically in front of the flat iron building, to staying in an apartment registered for demolition, to bumping into a Jonas brother on a street corner. It was definitely memorable!



Florida and the Caribbean, 2010

Officially my favourite holiday ever (though Orlando 2016 was right up there too). We went to Harry Potter World a few days after it opened, then caught the Disney Magic cruise ship for a week, and headed back to Walt Disney World for five nights with the dining plan to finish off. Does life get better?



I hope you enjoyed finding out about my favourite travel snapshots. What is your favourite travel memory? 

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