My Walt Disney World Haul | October 2016

As you may know, as I haven’t shut up about it for months, I went to Walt Disney World in late October 2016 for two weeks. As I only tend to go every couple of years, I love to take my pick of the best merchandise that they have to offer and splash some hard-earned cash.

This year, I was really tempted by the home wear and disappointed by the plush selection. I ended up with a fair bit of both, though! My most expensive purchase was a Walt Disney World jumper. I picked it up as we were heading out of Magic Kingdom for the last time to head to the airport, and I don’t regret it in the slightest so far. My two favourite buys are also clothes – an Edna Mode t-shirt with a fab quote on, and a huge oversized Cinderella nighty.

If you’re going to Disney World soon, I hope this gives you some inspiration. If you have any questions about prices or the type of merch that we saw, let me know in the comments.

For Disney fans, I have lots of other content planned including vlogs from everyday, highlights posts and more.

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