Top five reasons why I’m excited for autumn and winter

I’m a summer child. I love the feeling of warmth beating down from the sun, and wearing strappy tops so that my hair tickles my back when it’s up in a pony tail. I love being able to keep all the windows and doors open late into the night, and enjoying long days where the sun doesn’t want to set.

Those days are gone for another year now and autumn has taken over.

Social media seems to go mad over this phenomenon. As soon as September started, pictures of pumpkin spiced-anything, chunky jumpers and open fires were everywhere. Instead of a cool month, though, we had a heatwave. It’s only now that the weather has properly turned and it’s time to accept that autumn is officially here. Actually, it seems like the seasons have slipped and pressed fast forward, so we’re now hurtling through winter instead.

Either way, there’s no point pining over those long summer days. Instead, it’s time to embrace autumn. Here are the top five things I’m looking forward to this season.

1. The fashion

This seems to be why the blogging community welcomes in the cooler months with open arms. Lower temperatures bring on the potential of layers; thick chunky scarves to wrap around and around, ankle boots to keep you warm as well as comfy, and fluffy socks to slip on to soothe tired feet in the evenings. Cosy is akin to happiness, and this is the season to wrap up and snuggle down.


2. Dark lipstick

This warrants a whole section of its own. In fact, I could possibly write an entire blog post about this particular lipstick. Max Factor’s Mulberry basically gets me through winter. It’s a dark purple shade with a lot of sparkle. It matches practically every autumnal outfit. If I didn’t force myself to mix and match every now and then, I’d wear this shade everyday between October and March.


3. Enjoy being at home

Darker and cooler nights inevitably lead to spending more time indoors at home. Rather than this being a negative, it’s a chance to make your home your own. Put on a few candles, make it smell amazing, and treat yourself to a new bedspread or a throw for the living room. It’s amazing how different your home can feel when it’s all cosy for winter rather than with every window and door flung open to draw in a summer breeze.


4. Taking refuge in coffee shops


I love autumnal day trips. This is my favourite time to explore London outdoors. The throngs of tourists that descent over summer have boarded their departing flights and the Christmas crowds haven’t gathered momentum. Instead, it’s time to put on your new winter coat and go exploring. After a few hours of finding new places, it’s time to duck into a coffee shop to warm up. Once de-thawed, it’s out into the wilderness again. With an infinite supply of cute independent coffee houses, there is no limit to your number of hot chocolates and slices of Victoria sponge.


5. Being able to breathe on the tube

Stepping onto a tiny metal train carriage that plunges under London is never a good idea, especially when it’s the height of summer. Not only are you crushing yourself under someone’s armpit – you’re also stepping into an insulated tube that feels hotter than the sun. Autumn means goodbye to the sweaty fringe look and hello to arriving at work without looking like I’ve just been dragged through a hedge backwards.


What are you favourite things about autumn and winter? Are any of them the same as those mentioned on my list? Let me know in the comments! 

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