Pub quizzing, cute colouring and new stationary | weekly round-up

It’s been another crazy one.

Between a hectic week at work, packing for Florida, and a bit of a social life, I haven’t had a massive amount of time left over for blogging, but there always has to be time to squeeze in a weekly round-up.

This week I went to a fab pub quiz where points were awarded in accordance to how many members of the epic pop group Steps that you could name, rather than on your knowledge of ancient politics. Needless to say, we did slightly better than usual.

I also got colouring – Disney style – with an adorable mini book from Ladybird and then did a bit of offline writing for good measure. Between all that, I still found the time to bring you my three favourite blogs of the week. Read on to find out if you made the shortlist.

Bad luck led us to the Star of Bethnal Green pub on a Tuesday evening.

We were meant to be going to a Harry Potter quiz on that evening, but sadly when we called to reserve a table it turned out that all the quiz spots had been taken. This is absolutely typical as Harry Potter is one subject area where my knowledge is actually quite decent. Instead of taking a trip to Hogwarts, we headed to this very welcoming pub. I’m not sure if I’d recommend the food, though it was still their first week of serving a new menu, but the drinks and atmosphere were both great.

The quiz involved general knowledge, celebrity rounds, and then sections with music and photos. The mid-quiz talent show was another highlight. In all, we had a fun evening of quizzing, even though I know I would have scored a lot more highly if all the questions were Harry Potter related.


I really need to get into colouring. It seems like every millennial, as well as most parents, are going back to their childhood with colouring books and pencils. I’ve tried it once and I didn’t quite get the intense relaxed feeling that most people speak about. Instead, I got annoyed that it was taking so long. This is definitely something that I need to get past, as I’m one of those people who have to be going all the time.

When Ladybird offered to send me a Cinderella colouring book, I thought this would be my second chance. Not only is it Disney related, and therefore perfect for me, but it’s also an adorable hardback book that reminds me of the classic books I used to read when I was little.


I got another present in the post this week, too. Like most bloggers, I’m a huge fan of stationary in any form, so I was excited that BIC wanted to send over some cute multi-coloured pens. They’re definitely going to brighten up my notebook at work!

They also wanted to show off the handwritten newspaper they’ve made for #justwriteday and the former journalism student in me knows how impressive it is. We would always be cutting and adding words and sentences to make the story fit the newspaper, but when it’s handwritten there is no room for mistakes. It’s quite an achievement!




Samantha Carraro – I loved this blog about different ways to be creative. It definitely has time-poor people in mind with suggestions like doodling and taking photos.

Life of Kitty – You might remember that I love visiting Wales, as one of my latest vlogs documented, and Kitty has been off exploring that lovely little country as well. Her photos are gorgeous.

Eleanor Claudie – This blog claims that I might possibly be stylish. Yes, Eleanor has noticed that glasses are becoming more popular both on and off the catwalk. Since I wear mine nearly all the time, that makes me fashionable – right?

Thanks for joining me for the weekly round-up! How did you week go? 

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