Look beyond the social media highlights with my #nofilterday

There is something special in everyday, but that doesn’t always mean that everyday is extraordinary. Sometimes, when we get caught up in social media and the fun that other people are having, we forget that everyone leads normal lives beneath the Instagram photos.

I know that I’m very guilty of only posting about the highlights of my week and talk mostly about the best bits. So I thought that I’d give you a boring-bits-and-all account of a very average day.

It’s my #nofilter day.

It’s one of those boring middle days. You know the ones, where the memories of the previous weekend have fully faded away and the coming weekend isn’t quite within grasp yet. These days are my least favourite.

My alarm goes off at 7.10am. I used to love having a leisurely start to the day, but sleep comes at a premium now so I check my phone for ten seconds and then roll straight into the shower. I’ve got my morning routine down to a tea, so I can get dressed and do my hair and make-up in around 20 minutes, then it’s time for the highlight of the morning – breakfast.

There’s a key decision here; bran flakes or chocolate chip weetabix minis. Nothing better than cereal for breakfast, and I’ll always root around in the fridge to see if I’ve got some yogurt going spare as well.

If I’m a few minutes ahead of schedule, I’ll turn off Radio 1 and watch a short YouTube video while powering through my bowl of breakfast.

By 8.10, I’m getting the lift down to the bottom of my apartment building and walking to the station. Then it’s time for the worst bit of my morning; the tube. It’s always hot and crowded, which is the last thing that I need before 9am. I always find a spot to stand – there’s never a seat going spare – near one of the open ventilation windows, otherwise it’s too hot to handle.

Then it’s time for work. We have horribly long hours, from 9am to 6pm every weekday. I get stuck into work with tweeting, talking to journalists and writing blogs for the company.

If I’m not starving, I usually go for lunch at about 1pm. Since living in London is so expensive, I always pack a lunchbox in the morning to save money so I settle down in the kitchen at work to have a munch and watch a spot of YouTube. By this time of the day, I’m always feeling a bit cooped up so I try to go for a walk around Mayfair, head to the park, or do a bit of shopping on Oxford Street. It’s so handy to have good clothes shops, groceries and Boots practically on the doorstep.

The afternoon always drags. I try not to think of my friends heading home at 5pm and 5.30pm and get through to the end of the day. Then it’s either back on the tube home, or hop on for a short tube journey to see friends. I love going out for burgers in the week, especially at Patty & Bun or Honest Burger, or meeting for some cocktails. At work, we tend to go on a big night out every few weeks, which is always fun and ends in a late night.

If I’m off home, like I did tonight, then I’m back in the flat before 7pm. I bustled around and put my things away as my fish and chips cooked in the oven.

Later, I attempted to cook an apple pie. We’re doing a Great British Bake Off contest at work and I have to bake for pastry week. Thankfully I wasn’t ambitious enough to try to make my own pastry, so Jus-Roll will have to do! After a tense hour of prep and checking the oven, I have a half decent apple pie on my hands. It’s made according to my Granny’s recipe, so it can’t be too awful (or so I hope). Somehow I’ve got to get it on the tube tomorrow and safely to work. It could prove interesting!

Then I wrestled with my laptop, trying to get it to connect to our new wifi, and watched the first episode of Victoria while writing this. Then, I’ll head to bed for 11pm so I can get up and do it all again tomorrow.

Phew! Writing it all out is making me feel tired.

It’s a pretty standard day, right? I’d be really interested to hear about your #nofilter days as well, to remind us all that we’re normal people when you look behind the highlights reel on social media. If you decide to write about your own #nofilter day, do let me know. I love being nosey! 

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