Disney Bloggers Meet Up | September 2016

Last weekend I went to my first ever Disney bloggers meet up. I was pretty nervous to meet some people that I’d been following on Twitter for months and have some fun in the city.

In typical Lisa form, I went out the night before and started the day feeling rather hungover. This did really help to make me feel less nervous about meeting everyone, but more worried about the state of my health for the day. It was definitely a rollercoaster of headaches and tiredness mixed in with the excitement of meeting everyone. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend several calming drinks the night before a meet up!

If you’re thinking of coming to the next event, then this blog is definitely for you. I’m going to go through the vague plan of the day, what everyone did and when they did it. I’m already looking forwards to the next Disney meet where I can catch up with my friends and meet even more Disney fans.

Everyone gathered at the Disney Store by Bond Street station for midday, though lots of people had arrived earlier thanks to annoying train schedules. Luckily, I just had to jump on the tube so I turned up right on time. As everyone arrived, our small group outside the Disney Store began to grow and grow. We were even moved on a little by the Cast Members to avoid blocking the entrances.

After at least half an hour of chatting outside and talking to people that I recongised, we descended on the Disney Store. This was nothing short of chaos. At least 30 people – maybe even more – poured into the fairly compact shop all at once, leaving the regular shoppers wondering what on earth was going on. Every inch of the store was looked at and photos were taken in the Cinderella carriage as well.

Time passed really quickly, and an hour later we were waiting outside for the stragglers to finish paying for their Disney hauls.

Picnic lunch time!

Picnic lunch time!

Once everyone was present and correct, we headed down Oxford Street to Hyde Park. That’s definitely easier said than done on a Saturday afternoon. After fighting through the shoppers, we set up camp on the main lawn and then people broke off into smaller groups to go in search of food. Most people settled for McDonalds or Pret – staying classy! I had a pasta dish which was fairly good, but nothing amazing.

I was feeling a bit chilly so I joined a little excursion to the Selfridges Food Hall (yum), and then everyone left to scour Primark for Disney bargains. The shop was far too busy to have an enjoyable shopping experience, so Carrie, Sabrina and I called it a day and escaped. After another trip to Selfridges, we stopped by the Disney Store as Sabrina hadn’t arrived in time to visit earlier.

Treats in Selfridges

Treats in Selfridges

By this time, it was already 6pm so I had to say goodbye to my new friends as they headed off to catch their respective trains home.

I had such a lovely afternoon getting to meet the real people behind the blogs and twitter accounts that I’ve known for months. The meet-up was also the perfect place to talk to new people, discovering new blogs and – most importantly – making new friends.

How long until the next one?!

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