Moving house, bowling and Disney| weekly round-up

I write this from a very hot apartment without any wifi. Yes, it has been a tough week. A heatwave in a west-facing apartment is never particularly fun. I can’t complain too much though, because I’m fully moved into that new home that I couldn’t stop banging on about. Yes, the horrible house share is behind me and I have a beautiful, clean apartment with my best friend instead. With brand new solid wood flooring and fresh paint that has a tiny tint of pink, I know this is going to be a happy home.

The joys of moving bring downsides as well. My bank account seems to have a hole in the bottom because money is constantly draining out onto things like ‘advance payment on the electricity bill’ and ‘council tax’. Plus there was that £100 that I accidentally spent on new furniture in IKEA. It was all great value – I promise! Read on to find out what else I’ve been up to this week.


In non-moving news, I went bowling with my pals and had the world’s most beautiful milkshake at All Star Lanes in Stratford. I used to think that I was fairly average at bowling, but now I know differently. I’m awful. While my friends were getting strikes and spares, I was lucky if I knocked down more than three pins at a time. It was all good fun, though.


Getting to grips with my new commute, which involves a lot more time spent on the tube, has taken up a lot of my energy over the last week and I’ve found myself with a cold, which has really brought down my mood.

It doesn’t take much to get me feeling down and a lack of wifi is guaranteed to get me staring bleakly out of the window before you can say ‘YouTube’. It’s been a tough week, and it got even harder when BT told us that their engineer ‘didn’t have the skills needed to complete the task’ so they went off home and left us without internet for another week. The joys of awful service. Eventually, though, our new router was connected and we should have plenty of super-fast broadband to enjoy from now on.

I also went to my first ever Disney Bloggers Meet-up this week! Stay tuned for a full re-cap of the day’s activities coming to the blog next week.

Speaking of Disney, it’s now only four weeks until we jet off to the sunshine state. After booking our hotel 11 months ago, it’s hard to believe that all of that time has passed. Find out more about what we’re going to get up to in this post.


Since I went to the Disney Bloggers Meet-up this week, I thought it was only right to only feature Disney blogs in this section. These three are from a few of the bloggers that I got to meet for the first time on Saturday.

Stepherelly – Steph has started a whole new Disney blog, so I’m sure I’ll be watching it closely! In this post she reviews some new Disney colouring books. I was sent a few books as well and I can confirm that they are very cute.

It’s Lizi – The host of the Disney meet-up wrote about the last social that everyone had on her blog and she even made cute fake fastpasses for everyone to commemorate the day.

Kat Last – I love custom Minnie Mouse ears, and Kat has a great collection. Even better, many of them are made by Sabrina, who I got to spend a lot of time with at the Disney meet-up. See her full collection in this blog post.

That’s it for this week. Have you been to any blogger meet-ups? What did you think? 

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