Don’t Know Where to Go on Holiday? See the World on a Luxury Cruise

I’m on a campaign to get young people to realise that cruising isn’t just for retirees. To me, cruising is like interrailing but without all the hassle. Instead of endless train journeys, you get ultimate luxury on a floating hotel.

When we went on Disney Cruises for three nights and then a week in 2010, I have to admit that it was more for the Disney aspect than the travelling. Now that I’m planning holidays without the family, I’m definitely considering cruises that explore places that I haven’t been before, and Scandinavia would definitely be at the top of my list.

Cruising experts over at Cruise Club UK have agreed to try to convince you why should re-think your next trip and think about exploring new places from a ship. I’m definitely convinced.


What if I told you it’s possible to see the experience the beauty of France, America, the Caribbean, Australia and so much more, without having to worry about the usual stresses of travel? No unpacking at every new destination; no having to learn the basics in half a dozen languages; and no spending hours on buses with your legs becoming more cramped by the second.

Luxury cruises are becoming increasingly popular as a means of travel. Once looked down on by “real travellers” as just a watery version of a tour bus for the elderly, it’s mind-blowing what a cruise can now offer. Some of the larger cruise liners, like NCL cruises or Royal Caribbean, feature everything from tennis courts to rock climbing walls. It’s possible to not only come back more relaxed, but also fitter and weighing less than when you set sail. Incredible, right? Let’s look at some more reasons why a cruise is the perfect option for the undecided but eager traveller.


A luxury cruise keeps everyone happy

Want a beach holiday, but worried the kids will be bored? Or how about a theme park, but you’re worried you won’t get adult time? If you’re looking for ways to keep your whole family satisfied, you’ll be spoilt for choice on most cruise lines, like NCL Cruises, P&O Cruises and Royal Caribbean, to name a few.

Cruises are basically small floating cities, with gyms, shops, cinemas, discos, yoga classes, spas and much more. They’re also extremely social, and you’re likely to meet a range of people of all different ages and backgrounds. A lot of luxury cruises even have WiFi, so you can keep in touch with your loved ones at home.

Picturesque morning view of Gulf of Naples and Mount Vesuvius. Sorrento city, Campania province, Italy

Picturesque morning view of Gulf of Naples and Mount Vesuvius. Sorrento city, Campania province, Italy

If you’re a solo traveller, it’s also a great chance to give yourself a much needed treat and meet new people. You never know: you may even meet someone special. Cruises can be perfect for solo travellers; even if you’re attached, it may be enough to convince you to leave the other half at home!


Cruises are the hot new holiday

So now you know the why, what about the how and the where? Since 1990, the average passenger growth rate per year for luxury cruises has been a whopping 7.2%. With cruises fast becoming one of the most popular ways to see the world, the market is becoming more competitive and there are some great all-inclusive cruises and last minute cruise deals. While the initial cost might seem a lot, take into consideration that an all-inclusive cruise from the UK will cover travel, food, accommodation, tours, alcohol and entertainment. Suddenly, the value becomes clear.

If you fancy touring Europe, cruise companies are now joining forces with tour companies to offer all-inclusive tours from the UK that cut out flying completely. If you want to go to Asia but don’t know where to go, then a cruise is the perfect way to get a taste of many different countries. According to a study on the cruise industry: “Over 80% of passengers think that a ship cruise is a good way to sample a destination they may want to visit again on a land-based vacation. 40% of cruisers state they had returned to vacation at destinations first visited during a cruise.”

View of the city of Monaco by night. French Riviera

View of the city of Monaco by night

Get maximum destination bang for your buck

You’re browsing last minute cruise deals and thinking: “so many places, but so little time!” Eight hours in India might seem ridiculously short, but when you combine it with eight hours in three different parts of India, a trip to Sri Lanka, some time in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and a stopover in Muscat, you’ve got an excellent sample set of destinations to choose from when you’re next planning a vacation.

Or how about a trip to Australia? Sounds pretty exhausting to fly, but what about taking a luxury cruise from the UK to get there? Not only will you have plenty of time to relax and take full advantage of everything a cruise ship has to offer, but you’ll be visiting destinations along the way like Madeira, Venezuela, San Francisco, Tahiti, and many other dream destinations that would cost far more to visit individually.

If you’re still not sold, just take a look at the routes of some worldwide luxury cruises. For the indecisive traveller with a serious case of wanderlust, can you think of anything better than this bouquet of locations? You can come back fit and refreshed with new friends, well fed and raring to dig deeper into a dozen destinations.



What do you think? I’ll definitely try to save up for a cruise over the next few years. Now I’ve just got to persuade one of my friends to come along with me! 

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