How to book Disney Fastpasses for the whole of your holiday

The 60-day countdown is quite an important one for anyone waiting for their Disney holiday to come along. At 180 days it’s time to book dining reservations, and the two-month mark is the turn of Fastpasses for rides for anyone staying in a Disney hotel. Everyone else has to wait another 30 days when the reservations are available to anyone with a valid park ticket, so it’s a great chance to beat the crowds and secure queue jumps for your favourite rides.

Every park ticket entitles the holder to three queue jumps – or Fastpasses – per day. If you want to find out more about what they are and which rides you should pick, this post explains nearly everything.

While I knew all about the theory, I wasn’t sure what it would be like to actually book them. Our 60-day mark soon came around and I had to hope everything would fall into place. If you’re in the same position as I was, then this should help you feel ready to book all those crucial queue jumps.

  • First off, you can’t possibly plan too much in advance when it comes to which Fastpasses you want and when you want them. We had an epic planning spreadsheet complete with our dining reservations and plans for the day. Around that, we decided which Fastpasses would suit each day. We put down our first, second and third choices, as well as the time that we wanted them, like ‘after 6pm’ or ‘between 2pm and 5pm’.
  • The latter is quite important, as sometimes we are going to waterparks or having a chilled morning in the hotel, so we won’t want to waste our Fastpasses by having them early in the morning. On those days, we can save them for the evening when we’ll be back in the parks again.
  • Don’t forget to go online on time! New passes go online at 7am EST, which is 12pm here in the UK, to get the first pick of the rides and times. It took us around 35 minutes to book all of the Fastpasses for our eleven-day stay.
  • We hoped to get some quite popular choices in on our first few days of the holiday, like the Seven Dwarves Mine Train in Magic Kingdom. With lines that are rarely lower than an hour, this is a highly sought after option. Slightly unsurprisingly, they had already been fully taken up on our first day. We had to shuffle around a few of our choices, and they were really easy to get in the later days of our trip. This is a really useful thing to be able to do if you’re staying in a Disney hotel, but sadly others are only able to book one day at a time.
  • It’s also worth noting that Fastpasses cannot overlap. For example, we’re only going to be in Epcot for two hours one evening so there is no way that we could fit in three fastpasses, as each are valid for an hour. We didn’t realise that until we started booking, so it’s worth bearing in mind.
  • If you get a bit confused half-way through – and if you’re booking passes over several days then you probably will – the best place to pause and get your bearings is on the Planning page of the Disney website ( It lists all your passes so far, including dining reservations, so you can make sure that nothing is going to overlap.

Are you booking your Fastpasses soon? What are you hoping for? If you have any other tips, don’t forget to leave them in the comments!

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  1. August 23, 2016 / 1:11 pm

    I haven’t been to Disney in such a long time it seems like fast passes have changed since I was last there.
    Hopefully I’ll be booking a trip for next October so I’ll definitely be planning ahead 😀

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

    • Lisa Mae
      August 28, 2016 / 8:04 pm

      Same here! When I worked at Disney, Cast Members could only book them on the day so picking times two months in advance was really different for me. I really hope you can go next October – hopefully my upcoming October trip will give you some inspiration!