Dirty Bones burgers, gluttonous fries and sweet cocktails | food review

As you know, I really love a good burger so I was super happy when my colleagues decided to check out Dirty Bones as an after-work social. I’d take a good burger over a heavy drinking session any day, which probably makes me sound a lot older than 22. But between red onion jam, brioche buns and a perfect patty, I can’t quite change my mind.

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With yummy happy hour cocktails and insane fries, it stands a good chance.

Since we arrived just before 7pm, we put in a big drinks order so that we could get cocktails for £5 in happy hour compared to £8 at all other times. The drinks on the offer were limited, disappointingly not including the Key Lime Pie cocktail, but they had some great options. The Deputy Dog was a favourite, though there didn’t seem to be one bad drink among the bunch.

Then it was time to get to the main event – the food.

Fries are quite expensive, priced between £4 and £6 for a portion. We assumed that they were therefore sharing portions and shared some cheesey truffle fries. This turned out to be both a good and bad choice. Firstly, they were definitely far too rich for one person to polish off – this was because after around 10 fries I felt absolutely stuffed. The cheese was overly generous and the truffle was completely overwhelming. It was great while I could handle it, though. The plain fries were easily eaten by one hungry person, though.

dirty bones fries

It was really hard to pick a main meal. Again, these are fairly expensive compared to other burger joints in London. I went for the mac and cheese burger and I wasn’t disappointed. Beautifully sloppy, this was definitely one that could be messily eaten by hand or attacked with a knife and fork.

All this cheese was probably the reason why I felt so completely stuffed after this meal!

dirty bones burger

So what was the overall verdict?

Really yummy food, but a bit overpriced. The location was beautiful, right at the top of the beautiful square of food in the heart of Soho’s Carnaby Street. The atmosphere was great, and the staff very friendly and attentive.

Would I go again? For the price, possibly not – but the small amount of fries that I could manage were heavenly, and the burger was pretty great as well. Next time I’ll definitely get stuck into some of the appetizers, like the mac and cheese balls – because there’s no such thing as too much cheese, right?

dirty bones outside 1

Does Dirty Bones whet your appetite? Let me know in the comments. Also, don’t forget to share your favourite burger destinations. I’m always looking for new places to try! 

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