Confessions of a 20-something cruise addict | guest post

Today, I am joined by a fellow journalism graduate and – more importantly – one of my roommates from when I worked in Disney! The wonderful Rebecca Barrett has kindly written a great article on why cruising isn’t just for the retirees. In fact, it’s perfect for us 20-somethings as well. I’m definitely convinced, and I’m sure you’ll soon be as well, so I’ll see you on the pool deck.

“Are you secretly 52?”

That was a genuine question I was asked as I cruised around the Mediterranean in May. I know what you are thinking, to even think about going on a cruise you must be at least middle aged right? Wrong! At 22, I have been on eight different sailings on the world’s oceans and I am now a fully-fledged cruise addict. Whilst it is the perception of many that cruisers must be either on their honeymoon (which was the presumption of nearly everyone towards my boyfriend and I this year), on a family vacation or in a phase of retirement, I am here to tell you why a cruise should be on your to-do list as a carefree young adult.


1.      The possibility to see 6 (or more) different cities in a week.

I love waking up in a new place each morning and heading off to explore. This year I got to see Barcelona; Naples (Pompeii); Rome; Florence; Marseille and Cannes before heading back to Barcelona – all within a week! It seems like a lot but it’s a great ‘taster session’ to see where you would head back on a city break. I would definitely recommend a Baltic cruise which takes in the likes of Estonia; St Petersburg and Denmark. I have never been so stunned by culture and architecture as I was in Russia.


2.      Value for money

Cruises are only for the rich I hear you say? Again, you are mistaken. I go on cruises because they are actually the best (and cheapest) value for money holidays I can find. This year for example I paid £650 for my week out at sea. That was my room, food and included my drinks package which was part of the deal when I booked – and boy do you make the most that you can out of all that food and drink. Whether you want to have two large platefuls at breakfast, a three course meal for both lunch and dinner, nobody is judging even when you have one too many glasses of wine afterwards… after all, your cabin is a mere few hundred steps into your comfy king-size bed.


3.      On board facilities

From large entertainment theatres to ice rinks, water parks to dodgems, cruise ships have everything nowadays. Becoming more appealing to younger cruisers than ever before there is something for everyone. There is nothing more fun than going down a large flume in the middle of the ocean or catching a west-end style show in the theatre after dinner. It is definitely no longer a group of retirees playing shuffleboard out on deck.


4.      Time to relax

Life can get pretty hectic at times and whilst I love exploring for the majority of my holiday sometimes a little R&R can be exactly what one needs. I don’t think there is a better way to relax than with a good book, a refreshing mojito and a view like no other. A day at sea can be the perfect place to forget about the stresses of work life. Oh and for all you Spa lovers out there most ships have a dedicated treatment area for facials, massages and many other treatments.


5.      New Experiences

As a twenty-something adult, I am constantly on the lookout for new experiences, something I’ve learnt cruises give me ample opportunity for over the years. By going on a cruise not only have I been able to tick most of the main cities in Europe off my list to visit but I’ve had many other first experiences. From trying new foods such as snails (something I would never order in the UK), to going on Jet Skis, visiting age old Russian palaces to a night out to the ballet in St Petersburg – cruises have given me many firsts and they certainly won’t be the last.


So go on, be brave booking your next holiday and try something new. I guarantee most of you will be pleasantly surprised.

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