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Wow – it has been far too long since I last posted a weekly update. But rather than not having enough to say, I’ve actually had so much going on that I’ve barely had a free minute to blog. As much as I love being busy, I also really enjoy sharing these posts, so hopefully my life will calm down the tiniest bit. Though that isn’t looking likely!

I’ve just started looking for a new flat to move into from September. I cannot wait to get out of my rubbish house share and into a place that I genuinely like. If you’ve ever tried to move in London, you will know how stressful the housing market is here. It feels like there are hundreds of people looking to move everyday, so flats can go on and off the market in a matter of hours. Thankfully we have lots of time to get it sorted yet.

So what has been keeping me so busy?

As you know, I headed to Rome for a long weekend, and it completely knocked me out for the next week. Then I was off to an all-weekend work conference. Between that, vlog editing for the first time ever, and trying to train for my half marathon – which means a lot of sleepy early starts – it’s been a bit crazy.

Here are some of the highlights.


Jersey Boys

After only vaguely enjoying Memphis the musical, I promised myself that I would steer clear of jukebox musicals. Though there was one exception to this – Jersey Boys. Widely accepted as the best jukebox musical of all time, this was definitely one that I wanted to see. My family hadn’t stopped talking about it since they saw it in Las Vegas a few years ago, and my chance finally arrived last week.

Top tip: Rather than booking online for a show on the same day, we walked over to the box office and got some very reduced Saturday matinee tickets for £30 instead of around £60. 

FullSizeRender (1)

I did enjoy it, but it didn’t have that musical magic that all of my favourites have. Maybe it was because the theatre wasn’t full, or maybe it was because all of the songs were performances. I do love a spontaneous burst into song in a musical, but these were all renditions of Jersey Boy’s hits. The singing was great, though, and the audience was really getting involved. One elderly woman even stood up to give a standing ovation after half of the songs!

The stand out moment for me was towards the end when each of the four main characters stand alone, front and centre stage, and give a perfect monologue about their character’s thoughts of the group and the split. It’s really poignant, and very beautifully written.

I do definitely recommend it, but I know that I personally will be ending my relationship with jukebox musicals right here and now… Until something comes along to change my mind.


Half marathon

Running training is happening. The success of it is a different question.

I’ve definitely become a lot better at running continuously since I started. After five minutes or so I’d become desperate to walk, but now I can manage a whole half an hour without giving in to the urge. I’ve also upped my weekly miles a lot. Going from two runs a week to four was tough, and still is, but I’m starting to get used to it. Sadly it’s definitely cut into my blogging time.

Thankfully I still have eight weeks until the big race, so hopefully I’ll get over the 8 mile barrier that I’m currently stuck at, and plough onward to 12 miles. Wish me luck!


Burger review corner

If you know me, you’ll have realised that I can’t go very long without having an amazing burger. If you want to know which places I really rate, check out my comprehensive review blog. I recently got to re-visit the amazing Shake Shack and I wasn’t disappointed. They have a limited edition burger with cheese sauce that was rather delicious.

I also tried GBK for the first time (see cover photo). After hearing rave reviews, I was very excited about this. Though while their burgers were good, they wouldn’t make it into my prestigious top five. Sorry GBK – Patty & Bun will always have my heart.

The beautiful Shake Shack

The beautiful Shake Shack


VV Nightingale – Vicky had me reminicing over the ghosts of freakshakes past. Her Shoreditch shake looked scrummy, and it reminded me of the free one I was gifted at Maxwells in Covent Garden on my birthday. So much sugar – but so tasty.

Alisha Ockenden – I’ve already started writing a University tips blog, and Alisha had a similar idea. She has some great tips for making the most of the first year of uni. I wish I could have read it before starting university!

Belle’s Moments – I am definitely guilty of overlooking the beautiful holiday destinations that we have right on our doorstep, and Belle reminded me that the Cotswolds needs to be high on my to-visit list.


That’s it for this week! I’ve got my last Rome vlog coming up soon, so don’t forget to stay tuned for that, and I’ll see you next time. 

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