Double digit dancing all the way to Orlando | Walt Disney World trip update

It feels like it was only two minutes ago that I was telling you all about the stress of booking Disney dining reservations, and now our trip has gone from being 180 days away to just over 90. Which means we just have to wait for that amount of time again and we’ll be off to the place where magic lives!

There have been a few trip updates since then and I’ve been getting my planning head on a number of times. Read on to get excited for the trip with me!



Not only have I treated myself to a Canon G7X camera, I’ve also had a go at using it to vlog abroad. I managed to vlog all four of the days that I was in Rome and had a lot of fun. It has definitely given me the confidence to vlog in Orlando as well, and I can’t wait to capture the experience. I think that it’s a lot more engaging to look back at holidays in videos rather than just photos, so this should be the perfect record of our sister trip.

You can see my first Rome vlog here, and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for Disney video updates:



With our Fastpass booking date just over a month away, it has been time to start finalising our plan. I have never had to book Fastpasses in advance before, and I’m not currently liking the inflexibility. I’m sure there will come a morning where we are simply too tired to get out of bed, and I suppose we’ll just have to accept that we’re going to miss out queue jumps for the day if we can’t.

On the other hand, though, it’s great that we’re going to be able to skip so many lines. Three per day is a really good number, especially in the parks without many rides with long wait times.



Thanks to the truly awful exchange rate (stupid referendum), there will be a distinct lack of bargains to be found in Orlando this trip. In 2014, the exchange rate was around 1.60 and now it will be 1.25 (if we’re lucky). Thankfully this shouldn’t impact on our overall trip too much as we’ve paid for our park tickets, Disney hotel, and dining plan all in advance. We’re yet to pay for the Universal hotel, the food we’ll eat over those three days, and of course there’s the spending money.

I had hoped to buy some new Asics trainers and look around the Florida Mall for other good deals, but we might cut down on some of our shopping now.


New Epcot attractions

Frozen Ever After is officially open in the Norway Pavillion at Epcot, so we’re going to make sure we factor this into our plans. Even though it has long wait times, we will no doubt want to ride it a few times. There’s no way anyone can take in a new ride after just one trip, right?!

Annoyingly, it’s no longer possible to Fastpass a meeting with Anna and Elsa in their new Norway location. Getting sister photos with the two most popular sisters at Disney is pretty crucial for us, so we’ll have to get in the queue and hope it’s not too long. Though I did just check My Disney Experience and the wait time is only 15 minutes. Lets hope that’s not a fluke!

10476548_741273112597859_5958780946330092336_o (2)


Ride refurbs

Disney are still yet to announce all their ride refurbs for the autumn, so I’m keeping a close eye on that. Though they did reschedule the Big Thunder Mountain closure to cover the entirety of our trip quite a while ago. I’m still not over it.

They also haven’t announced if Animal Kingdom is going to be open late all through the rest of the year. I really hope they do, as it’s one of my favourite places to be.


Getting around

Since we won’t have a car – it’s so expensive if you’re under 25 – we’re probably going to get Ubers to get from one side of Orlando to the other, and probably from the airport as well. We’ve tried to minimise the cost of this as much as possible by not moving around too much. From the airport, we’ll go to Universal. After three days, we’ll go to Disney and then get the Magical Express free transportation back to the airport. Minus a few taxis to shopping centres, it should be a fairly cheap way to get around.


I hope you enjoyed this quick update. Can you think of anything that I’m missing? What is your favourite part of planning a Disney trip? 

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