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My weekly round-ups are starting to have a musical theme to them. Don’t worry; I’m not spending all of my wages on theatre tickets (though I probably would if I could). This week, I managed to go and see Matilda for only £5, and if you’re aged between 16 and 25 then you can as well.

I also ventured to a new burger place near Covent Garden. If you’ve read my review of the top five best burgers in London, you’ll know that I take my burgers, buns, cheese and bacon very seriously. Find out if Meat Market is good enough to enter my top five by reading on…

My wonderful friend Jaye joined me in the #feeling22 club this week, and we celebrated her birthday in style. From masses of food and cocktails on Thursday evening, to exploring her new area in East London on Saturday night, it’s been quite a social week.


On Friday morning at 8am I found myself sitting on the floor outside the Cambridge Theatre in the West End waiting for the box office to open. Two hours later, I handed over five of my finest British pounds in return for a slightly restricted view ticket in the Upper Circle at that evening’s showing of Matilda. This was incredible value, especially when you consider that a cinema ticket usually costs £12 in London.

In return for my investment of one lie-in, two hours waiting, and £5, I got to see an incredible show. I was always put off productions like Matilda because I imagine that the children will be spoiled brats. That may be true, but the’re also one other thing; insanely talented. I watched half of the show with my jaw on the floor. How can kids remember all of the choreography, vocal harmonies, and staging, then pull it off effortlessly? It’s seriously impressive.

If you’re thinking of going to the show, they have £5 day seats available at the box office everyday for 16-25 year-olds. They are all in the upper circle, and this theatre is huge so you’re very far away from the action. If you’re happy to splurge, I definitely recommend the stalls as a lot of the characters make their entrances and exits through the crowd.

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In burger news, I’ve heard lots of people raving about MEATLiquor. I went to their Welbeck Street restaurant just off Oxford Street a few months ago. I liked the food, but the atmosphere was actually too overwhelming to be enjoyable. It was really dark with heavy music at 6pm on a Tuesday. I know some people will love that, but it wasn’t quite right for a catch-up with a friend. But I was more than ready to give this collection of restaurants another go. MEATmarket is just off the main Covent Garden piazza. Up some dirty stairs, it looks out over the famous market. Much smaller than I imagined, the staff were really great and quickly substituted menu items for us. We loved how they would announce on a microphone whenever an order was ready.

The food itself was good, but again not great. The burger was cooked well, but lacked a bit of flavour. The chips were heaven for me, though. I adore fries covered in salt, and these definitely had more than their fair share. Plus, it was a huge portion each. Yum! Would I go again? I’d probably stuck to my ultimate favourites; Patty & Bun and Honest Burger.

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Sweet Allure – Tarnya has some very inspiring tips for saving money on her blog this week. She’s made the sacrifices work, and is saving an incredible amount of money with her fiance every year. I’m feeling inspired to tighten my purse, and might even write some single girl saving tips.

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