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I’m all about my day trips. After spending 40 hours a week sat in front of a computer in an office, I like to make the most of my weekends. That usually means finding something new to do, and that isn’t particularly hard in a city like London.

This week I caught a quick train out of the city centre to Windsor, which takes around 25 minutes from Paddington station, or even less if you live in West London. The atmosphere makes it feel a lot further away from the hussle and bustle of the capital, though. You’ll still find the same number of tourists, a few less tacky souvenir shops, and lots of pubs in prominent locations.

If you look beyond that, you’ll find a beautiful working castle, gorgeous shopping arcades, and a pretty fun night out. Carry on reading to get ideas for your trip.

Windsor castle

When you think of Windsor, you usually think of the castle. And there’s a good reason for that. Not only is it the home of the Queen, but it’s architecturally beautiful and truly huge. It’s very imposing as it stretches out across the skyline with high walls all the way around. Even better than standing outside and looking in, is standing on the ramparts and looking out at the countryside.

Tickets to get into the grounds of the castle and into the state rooms are around £20, with a small discount for students. What we didn’t immediately realise, though, is that these are essentially annual passes. If you get your ticket stamped during your visit it will allow unlimited trips back to the castle for an entire year. We’re already planning a trip around Christmas time to see their magical decorations.

During a visit, you can wander around the grounds, see Queen Mary’s famous minature dolls’ house, and venture inside the stunning state rooms.

standing by windsor castle windsor castle turret


Wander down to Eton

The world famous school of Eton is only a short walk away from Windsor city centre, down cute narrow streets with lots of patriotism and souvenir shops. I felt quite intimidated to be around such ridiculously rich children. For research purposes, I decided to look at how rich these kids really are and I almost cried. It’s £37,062 per year to study there. What.

Is it worth it? I highly doubt it. But what do I know? At least they have a pretty beautiful campus in a lovely village atmosphere. I think I actually enjoyed the stroll down to the school that having a look around it, though we did visit on a Sunday so it was mostly closed to the public.

the road down to eton college school


Hanging out by the river

Even though it wasn’t super hot by the time we were walking down by the river, we thought it was customary to stop for ice cream anyway. They have cute little yellow speedboats that you can hire on the riverside and I will definitely enjoy driving one of them on the water the next time I visit. As it stood, I enjoyed eating a Twister ice cream while watching the sun start to set over the river.

windsor river swans


Have you been to Windsor? I’d love to hear about any day trips that you love to go on at the weekend. I need more inspiration! 

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    • Lisa Mae
      June 21, 2016 / 6:42 pm

      Thanks Sharon! Especially glad that you like the photos as this was just hungover me wandering around with my iPhone 6S! I already can’t wait to go back.