How to easily make your own pair of custom Minnie Mouse ears for £7

The Minnie Mouse ears I made have been catching a lot of attention, with some people wanting to buy them and others wanting to make a pair for themselves. As much as I’d love to start up a little business, I definitely won’t have the time. So instead, I’m taking what I learned from my attempts at making Minnie Mouse ears and sharing my secrets.

I first decided to make these when I was shopping around on Etsy. With most ears costing at least £15 plus postage, I decided it was well worth trying for myself before buying any. I set off to The Range, a nationwide shop that sells literally everything, and got crafting.

If you follow my tutorial, I’d love to see the ears that you make! Trust me, if I can do it then anyone can. Send your photos to me on twitter @farawaylisamae.


1 A4 sheet of card (50p)

1 A4 sheet of white card (50p)

1 piece of felt of any colour for your bow (50p)

Coloured flowers. Mine were approx 2.5cms in size and I needed 36 per pair of ears. (£3)

A thick hairband (£2.50 for a glittery gold one I found in Morrisons)

Total: £7


You’ll also need these, which we already had around the house:

A glue gun


Cotton wool balls

A ruler

A pen or pencil

All my supplies ready for crafting

All my supplies ready for crafting


Now that you’ve got all your supplies, it’s time to get started.


Stage one – cardboard ears

  1. Cut out two squares of card that measure 8x7cms.
  2. On the smaller side, make a mark two centimetres in from each side.
  3. Draw a ear onto the card, using these two marks as the base of the ear.
  4. Cut them out.
  5. This is a really important one, and where I failed on my first attempt. Put your hairband onto the base of each of your ears and draw around it. This will mean that your ears will fit perfectly onto your hairband when you get to the gluing stage.
  6. Take your two ear-shaped pieces of card and draw around them on more card. Cut them out, and you should have four pieces in two pairs.
  7. Glue each of the pieces together using your hot glue gun.

The total number of pieces you'll make in stage one and stage two - four small card, two small felt and two big felt shapes

The total number of pieces you’ll need – four small card, two small felt and two big felt shapes

Note: If you like, you could only use one layer of card, but I liked having the extra stability of two pieces stuck together.


Stage two – felt ears and stuffing 

  1. Take your cardboard ears and trace around them onto the while felt, then cut them out so you have two ear-shaped pieces of felt.
  2. Now take the cardboard ears and trace around them again, but this time leave at least 1cm of extra felt around the ears. I found it’s better to make these felt ears bigger rather than smaller. You’ll soon see why!
  3. Hot glue gun the small pieces of white felt to one side of your cardboard ears. Top tip: glue one side, then try to push the fabric up as you glue the other side. This will give you more room to stuff your cotton balls into.
  4. Once the ears are dry, break apart your cotton balls and gently push them into the ear. More will go in than you think, so make it nice and puffy.
  5. Place your bigger piece of felt underneath each ear with the side you’ve just stuffed facing up.
  6. Glue right along the edge of the ear a little at a time. Fold the edges of the felt over as you go.
  7. Once this is dry, you can stuff the other side of your ears with cotton wool as well. This new side will be the front of your ears.
image1 (18)

Gluing the second half of the small ear to the cardboard

image3 (9)

Sticking the edges of the big felt piece to your ear


Stage 3 – attaching to the headband

  1. Time for the scary bit – it’s time to glue them to the headband. You’ll want about 6cms between the ears, so make a little pen mark on the hairband to remind you where to stick them.
  2. Glue along the very bottom first and place the ears towards the back of your hairband. This is so that you’ll have room on the front for your bow. Hold the ears onto the hairband for at least 30 seconds to make them stick.
  3. Then glue along the back of the ears and hold again.
  4. And the same with the front of the ears.
  5. By this stage, they should be really secure but feel free to add any more glue if you’re worried.
Holding the ears onto the back of my headband

Holding the ears onto the back of my headband

Stage 4 – flower time

  1. Now you can bring in some colour and start sticking on your flowers.
  2. I found that I preferred to start on the back, then move to the front. Finally stick flowers all along the edges of the ears. This really puffs them up and makes them look much bigger.


Stage 5 – making the bow

  1. There are so many ways to make bows online, but I decided to make a felt one to keep the costs down. I followed Untidy Artist’s tutorial exactly, so you can watch her guide here:

Then stick the middle of the bow to the front of your ears, and you’re done!

On my second pair, I added a felt loop to the middle of the hairband. This is because I have lots of beautiful Disney bows from Magical Ribbons already and I wanted to be able to wear all of them with my new ears. I can’t recommend this shop enough! The bows are so high quality and match the characters perfectly. And now I’m looking at all her new designs and want to buy all of them…

white removable bow minnie ears


So there you have it! You can customise these however you like, with smaller flowers, different colours, and different bow styles. I can’t wait to wear them in the parks when we go to Florida in October. Whenever anyone compliments them I’m definitely going to proudly announce that I made them myself!

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  1. June 2, 2016 / 8:15 am

    FAB!!!!! Well done! A lot of people are now attempting to make their own ears, and I may have been inspired to make my own too! Thanks for sharing how you made ur ears xxxx

  2. June 16, 2016 / 3:18 pm

    Omg WOW! These are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this 😀