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Wow, where has this week gone?! I’ve barely had a second to breathe this week, between choir practice and work drinks in Mayfair. I am ashamed to say that I have not eaten a home-cooked meal this entire week. Instead, I’ve been grabbing things on the go, with a few special meals in between. If you like Gordon Ramsey’s food, you’re going to love where I went on Tuesday.

In my spare moments, I’ve been stressing. Not only did I successfully host my first journalist press trip on Thursday (I thought my heart was going to beat straight out of my chest when they were two hours late), but we’ve also been house hunting. If you know London, you’ll have no doubt heard about the crazy housing market. It is the most stress-inducing thing that I’ve ever come across.

Read on to find out how I got on…



On Tuesday, I went to the Savoy Grill, which is part of Gordon Ramsey’s collection of restaurants. The Savoy Hotel is so beautiful, and I felt very under-dressed walking in there after work. We had the three course pre-theatre menu, which is quite good value at £30 per person. I had a tasty broth to start with, but it was my sirloin steak that stole the show. It was huge, cooked just right, and came with a gorgeous peppercorn-style sauce. Can I have another, please? For dessert, I had a creme caramel. The texture was almost too smooth, but the sauces were lovely. It was definitely too much to finish. Paired with the flute of champagne, it all went down very well. The only issue is that the service was very slow – not ideal when you need to get to a show on time – and the drinks are ridiculously pricey.

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Motown the musical

I am not normally a fan of ‘jukebox musicals’, which are those that use previously written songs to tell their story like Jersey Boys and Mamma Mia. To me, they tend to feel like they shove too many songs into too little time, and it doesn’t feel as original, even though I’m sure it takes a stroke of genius to make the songs fit the storyline.

To find out once and for all if these were for me, I went to see Motown the Musical. As the name suggests, all the songs are taken from the library of songs recorded with the Motown record label. With over 50 hits played and sang through the show, it sacrifices plot for more music. If you treat it more as a gig than a musical, then you’ll enjoy it. But if you’re hoping for something with a bit more depth, it probably isn’t the best choice. I definitely had fun overall, and every single person in the theatre got up for a boogie at the end. It’s a good one to take your parents or grandparents to.



Sadly, moving house is so expensive that it’s forcing me to put my travel plans on hold. Between deposits, rent, and agency fees, my savings are being depleted faster than I would have liked. But, after all the stress of this week, we have managed to find a spacious maisonette apartment on the third and fourth storeys of a cute block. It may not look like the greatest thing ever right now, but myself and my two new housemates are going to turn it into an interior designed girly heaven. I can’t wait!

Before that, though, I’ve got to let out my current place. My contact doesn’t officially end until September, but my landlord has agreed to let me leave early if I find someone to replace me. If I don’t find someone, then I’ll end up paying double rent, which is way to expensive for me to think about. So, if you know anyone looking for a room in a house in West London, please send them my way!

And that’s that! What have you been up to this week? Let me know in the comments. 

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  1. May 15, 2016 / 5:12 pm

    Congrats on the house lovely – I’ll keep me eyes peeled for anyone moving down to london. Can’t wait to get down there myself eventually and then we can frolic around London haha

    Hannah xx