Top 5 dream bucketlist destinations around the world

If you’ve been to my blog before, you’ll know that I have major wanderlust pretty much 24/7. It’s unquenchable. Instead of ignoring it, I have to feed it by planning trips and finding more amazing places to visit. One of the main places I go for inspiration is the Lonely Planet Ultimate Travelist and it has given me so many ideas.

So today I’m going to share my top five dream bucketlist destinations around the globe. At first my mind hit a blank – how could I possible narrow down the whole world into five amazing things? – but then the ideas started coming, and they wouldn’t stop coming. Then I narrowed it down to these top places. Are they similar to what you would have chosen?

  1. The Great Wall of China
    I’m always really drawn to ancient monuments, and the Great Wall of China is the ultimate historic structure. Across impossibly mountainous terrain, it stretches up to 14 metres tall across more than 13,000 miles. It’s impossible to comprehend how it was built, let alone what it must have been like when it was guarded. I’d love to be able to trek along part of the wall one day; preferably on one of the parts less frequented by legions of tourists. I’ve just had a lot of fun reading facts about the Great Wall, so click if you’re interested.
  2. Northern Lights

    Source: greenzowie flickr

    Source: greenzowie / flickr

    This might be the hardest thing to see on my list as there is no guarantee that you’ll be able to spot this force of nature. Sightings have been increasing in strength and frequency over winter 2015/16, so the end of this year might be a good time to try to spot the aurora borealis. Sadly, but not surprisingly, it’s more expensive to head north in the winter. It’s also a lot colder, but it offers the best chance of spotting these nocturnal dancing rainbows of light. For best views, I’ll have to go above latitude of 60 degrees to places such as Northern Canada, Iceland, or Northern Scandinavia.

  3. Victoria Falls
    My brain can’t quite comprehend a waterfall that is nearly two kilometres wide, so I’ll simply have to go and see it. The spray from the water thundering over the falls can be seen for miles around and the noise is something to behold; it can be heard from over 40km away. The falls is on the Zambezi River and it marks the boarder between Zimbabwe and Zambia. For the most impressive sight, visit at the end of the rainy season in April.

    Source: Ninara / flickr

    Source: Ninara / flickr

  4. Fox Glacier and Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand
    I loved Geography lessons at school and I always found glaciers amazing. We went on a school trip to Snowdonia to see how glaciers of the past shaped the land of today, and I always knew that I would love to see one. I better get this one ticked off my list soon as a lot of the world’s glaciers are rapidly receding thanks to global temperature increases. I picked these glaciers because I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand, and I love how they run all the way down through rainforests to almost reach the sea.
  5. Angkor Wat
    As I mentioned in my Ultimate Travelist review, I would love to go to the temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia and those around it. As well as being architecturally stunning, historians have been able to read the buildings to say what life would have been like back when they began to be built in the 9th century. Many villagers still live around the area, some even with ancestors from the Angkor period.

Which of these places would you most like to visit? Do you have any suggestions to add to my list? I’d love to hear them. 

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Cover image credit to Damien Bere; text added by me, no other changes made. 


  1. Amber
    May 26, 2016 / 9:23 pm

    I’d love to visit all of these places! I know the feeling of wanderlust all to well, its my dream to just pick up my life one day and go travel the world! I hope you eventually get to do all of these things!

    • Lisa Mae
      May 27, 2016 / 7:44 pm

      Thanks for your comment, Amber. I hope you get to visit all your dream destinations too!

  2. September 15, 2016 / 6:34 pm

    This is such a great bucket list! I am exactly the same and want to visit these places but potentially parts/areas that are travelled by fewer people. I’m always planning my next trip 🙂

    Holly at xx

    • Lisa Mae
      September 15, 2016 / 9:07 pm

      Thanks Holly! I’d love to find some lesser-known places as well. Hopefully I’ll be able to stumble upon them whenever I get to travel to these exotic places.