Finally running my 10k race and being smuggled into the Houses of Parliament | weekly round-up

This week has felt like running a marathon. I may not know what that feels like in real life, but I have now officially run a 10k, at least. Typically, the morning of the 7th May dawned as the hottest day of 2016 so far. Running in 25 degree heat was very tough and most of my training went out of the window, but I still managed to get around in a decent time and claim my medal at the end.

In other news, I went on a pretty bizarre outing with my pals on Tuesday. Thanks to Tom’s Parliament connections, he managed to get us all into the Houses of Parliament for dinner and drinks. I did feel a bit like I was being smuggled in, but I promise it was all legit. Apart from the only photo I took. I promise I didn’t know it wasn’t allowed until after I’d taken it!


You might remember our free private tour inside the British Parliament from a few weeks ago. That was during Parliamentary recess, where all the MPs jet off to Tenerife for a bit so there wasn’t much actual law-making happening. But this was a Tuesday night after a bank holiday. MPs were sitting in the chamber, debating and voting on legislation. I’m not super into politics, but even I had to admit that it was pretty cool how all of this was going on a few corridors away as I was having a few pints of cider.

I had never seen so many police and security as there were standing around at random intervals. We walked through Westminster Hall to the canteen, which served surprisingly good food at very reasonable prices. To keep up the elitist impression, there was a wooden screen part way through the dining room. Only MPs are allowed to sit on the other side, shielded from all the commoners.

finally (1)

Later in the week on race day, I didn’t quite anticipate how difficult the 10k was going to be. Between people sprinting to overtake me, and my thick cotton t-shirt keeping me uncomfortably toasty, it was definitely a challenge. The good weather meant that we were able to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine afterwards, but I quite honestly would have preferred rain! I’m going to write a blog on what to expect when running a race for the first time as there are quite a lot of things that could help people out.


Rent or Chanel – Even though our Disney holiday is over five months away, I’m already starting to think about potential outfits in the parks. I loved Georgina’s packing post as it gave me lots of clothes ideas and got me excited about summery outfits. I love all of her shorts!

Issy Belle Fox – Twitter drama seems to go over my head as I don’t follow anyone who likes to argue over nothing. That said, it would be a lot better if everyone would keep the hate to themselves, as Issy says in her post.

Spoonful of Sugar – I’m going to be a bit different this week and include a vlog. I’ve been loving Gemma and Steve’s one-take daily videos of their California holiday, and today’s ‘vlog in a log’ really made me giggle. They’re heading to Disneyland tomorrow, so make sure you follow along.


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