Get to know my Disney travel buddy ahead of our October trip to Walt Disney World

I’m so excited to go to Walt Disney World in October. This isn’t a solo trip, though, I’m taking my baby sister along for the ride. Not quite as small anymore, she’ll be in her first year of sixth form college when we fly over to the place where magic lives. We’re thinking of blogging and even vlogging the entire trip, so I thought you should probably become better acquainted with her.

We have both been luckily enough to grow up while visiting Walt Disney World. I’ve only been to Florida once without her, back when I was three years old, and since then we have both visited six more times. Looking back at the photos of us growing up over the years is something really special, so I’m very glad that we’re onto the next stage now where we can be trusted to go together.

Today, she’s answering 30 Disney Parks questions for your entertainment. Be sure to say hi to her in the comments. She’s rather excited to feature on my blog, so I’m sure you’ll make her day!

We got this tag from SR Photography’s Walt Disney World tag – so thank you Stephanie!

1) First time you went to Disney World?  
I can’t remember, but Lisa says I was one year old.

2) Favourite Disney World Park?
Magic Kingdom hands down! It’s just the most magical park!

3) Favourite Land In Magic Kingdom?
Obviously Fantasyland!

4) Favourite On-site hotel?
I’ve only stayed at Saratoga Springs (which was amazing) and me and Lisa are staying in Caribbean Beach this October although I’d love to stay in The Animal Kingdom Lodge one day.
Meeting Minnie in 2006

Meeting Minnie in 2006

5) Favourite Snack?
I’m tempted to say the classic Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar but just the thought of the smell of butter popcorn makes me giddy!

6) Favourite Souvenir?
I adore my Alice in Wonderland mug which looks like three teacups stacked on top of each other; the perfect unbirthday gift to myself!

7) Favourite Table Service?
I cannot wait to dine in Cinderella’s Royal Table in October – it’s basically been a lifelong dream of mine to go inside the castle.

8) Favourite Counter Service?
I feel like I’m obliged to say Restaurantosaurus since Lisa worked there! [Lisa says: She’s too kind. It’s a really fun restaurant, but there are lots of counter services out there with more innovative food.]

9) Favourite Character Dining?
Meeting Pooh and friends at Crystal Palace is the greatest.

10) Favourite Ride?
Rockin’ Rollercoaster although I do love Peter Pan’s flight (even if the line is huge!)

11) Least Favourite Ride?
Haunted Mansion. I just don’t get what all the hype is about.

12) Favourite Show?
Fantasmic because I sob every time.

13) Favourite Parade?
Away we go… It’s a Festival of Fantasy!

14) Favourite Fireworks?

15) Favourite Epcot Pavilion?
France is so pretty.

16) What was your last magic band colour?
I haven’t had a magic band yet but for the next trip I’ve decided on a pink one (subject to change!)

17) Favourite Face Character Meet & Greet?
Anna from Frozen.

18) Favourite Non-face character meet & greet?

19) Favourite Character you haven’t met, but want to?
I’d love to meet the Ugly step sisters!

20) Favourite Attraction that is no longer there?
The Backlot Tour in Hollywood Studios :’(

21) Your best Disney World memory?
Seeing Main Street and the castle for the first time on every trip.

22) Favourite time of year to attend WDW?
I’d love to go at Christmas one day because the castle looks incredible!

23) Favourite Disney Waterpark?
Typhoon Lagoon.

24) Favourite Waterpark slide?
Crush ‘n’ Gusher.

Dinner on the Disney Magic cruise ship in 2010

25) Monorail or Ferry Boat?
Monorail. The boat may be prettier, but I can’t imagine any other way of getting to the Magic Kingdom than by Monorail.

26) Movie you would love to see represented in one of the parks?
Brave! Meeting Merida just isn’t enough.

27) Favourite Dance Party?
I haven’t really ever been to one of the Dance Parties…

28) Favourite Main Street shop?
The Emporium. It’s an essential stop to pick up an autograph book and set of Minnie ears!

29) Favourite Disney Springs shop?
World of Disney. This is where I went to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique when I was younger so it has special memories (plus it’s the biggest Disney Store in the world so how could I complain)!

30) Favourite Seasonal Event?
I’ve only really been around for the Food and Wine Festival and Halloween (but haven’t been to MNSSHP which we are doing this year) but I definitely want to visit at Christmas for the party one day.
So that is Alice, my Disney travelling buddy for 2016. We get on really well, but only time will tell how we get on when we’re together constantly for two weeks. Stay tuned!
Do you agree with Alice’s answers? Share some of your answers in the comments too. 
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