Channeling my inner hotel heiress at my first murder mystery party | weekly round-up

Welcome to the special bank holiday edition of the Faraway Lisa Mae weekly round-up! I know bank holidays are business as usual for a lot of people, but I’m one of those lucky office workers who get an extra day off work. May is going to be a pretty good month for me with two bank holiday weekends as well as my long birthday weekend back at home.

I managed to make the most of the high temperatures this weekend by going for lots of canal-side walks and chilling in parks. I spent the whole weekend at a friend’s apartment in Hertfordshire, which is a 30 minute train away from central London. A big group of us squeezed into their two-bedroom apartment for a murder mystery party. It was the first time I’d been invited to a murder mystery, so read on to find out what I thought and find out about the surprisingly cheap game we played.


We played the Murder in the Roaring 20s murder mystery game, which works for between six and 14 players. We had eleven people and it worked out really well. Everyone was given their character, information about them, and costume suggestions around a month in advance. Luckily we all put in a fair amount of effort and the outfits worked really well.

The storyline centred around Grey Catsby’s  (who may sound familiar to any Great Gatsby fans) fiance being horrifically murdered with an ice pick and found in the dumbwaiter at Catsby Manor, causing all of the dinner party guests and staff to become suspects. I was playing Halliday Inn, a hotel heiress who was very annoyed that her father was selling off his business to turn it into a chain of health spas. It was a lot of fun to try to get into character while acting out the short speeches that we all had to give.


If you have flaky friends, this game could work very well as the game can still work if someone can’t come at the last minute. The murderer is assigned at the beginning of the game and you have to read out slightly different text depending on if you are guilty or not. Annoyingly, none of us managed to guess who the murderer was correctly. This was partly due to a fairly poor motive in the game, but also because a lot of wine was being drunk as the game progressed, so I think the blame can be fairly shared.

There are some characters with an obvious motive, but others fade into the background a little and aren’t as relevant. This was probably the main downside of the game as one of these less developed characters was our murderer. You also probably wouldn’t want to play it at a future party as it would be a bit repetitive, but £20 to keep eleven adults entertained for three hours is a fair price to pay.

The best part of the game was getting everyone to dress up and get into character while spending time with great friends. I played with a big group of friends from University and it’s always so lovely when we’re able to get together from opposite corners of the country. We also went for some sunny walks by the canal over the weekend, ate lots of pizza, and lounged about both inside watching trash TV and outside in a local park.

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Also, did you know that my big 10km run is this week?! I’m absolutely terrified, but I’ve put in the training hours and hopefully I’ll be able to achieve a time to be proud of on Saturday. If you would like to support my efforts, and help homeless and vulnerable women at the same time, then I would absolutely love it if you could go to my JustGiving charity 10km race page. I’ve only reached 40% of my target so far, so your help will be incredibly appreciated.



The Trading Travellers – As you may have read in my Lonely Planet Ultimate Travelist review, I really want to go to Angkor Wat temples and ruins in Cambodia. The Trading Travellers ventured there recently and offered an honest opinion on the crowds and temples. I never knew that there could be pushing and shoving involved to get a good photo spot before sunrise!

Lifestyled by Jennie – I’ve been following Jennie’s adventures in Nashville on social media this week, and her blog post inspired me as well. In this one, she talks to Carolin, a German woman who moved to live in London. It was a really interesting interview, and I was very disappointed to hear that the London rental market is ridiculous compared to Germany. Why does it have to be so expensive to live here?

More about Cat – I love reading blogs about being in your 20s; I feel like I’m in exclusive and very cool club just because of my age. This week, Cat wrote about the truths that we don’t like to admit in our 20s, and the blog is spot on. I have to reluctantly admit that I have to agree with nearly all of them.

And that’s everything! How has your week been? Have you ever had a murder mystery party? Would you like to go to one, or even organise one yourself? 

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