Prepare for serious wanderlust from Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist | review

Today I’m going to share a book that has given me major wanderlust and mountains of travel inspiration. I knew I had to get Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist after quickly flicking through it in Urban Outfitters one afternoon. I can spend ages looking at the books they have for sale, and this one was more stunning than any others I had seen.

It’s quite a hefty tome, with 500 locations on over 300 bright colourful pages with succinct descriptions. It’s a book that you can easily pick up, flick through for a quarter of an hour, and then dip back into a few days or weeks later.

At one stage, I started to count how many of the 500 destinations that I’d already been to, but it was depressingly small. If I had started a list of the places I wanted to go to after reading the book, no doubt it would be as long as the book itself.

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The places that inspired me the most were the ancient temples and monuments. Quite a few of them make it into the top 500, including the coveted top spot going to the Temples of Angkor. The photos are so vivid that it feels like you’re stepping back thousands of years just by looking at them. The crumbling ruins of Machu Picchu come in third place, and I can’t decide if I would rather go there or to the Cambodian temples in the number one spot. I love the mystery around it as no-one really knows what it was ever used for. But it’s a lot harder to get to, with the book advising taking a train and then going on a 42km walk to reach it.

The USA’s Grand Canyon comes in at number six, and it’s the first place that I have visited in the book. You can find out about my mind-blowing experience in my blog on Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

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So how did they manage to rank these amazing sites? First off, Lonely Planet made a list of every noteworthy place that had been mentioned in any of their guidebooks. Once they had that huge amount of attractions, everyone in the Lonely Planet community voted on the places to crown their winner and the rest of the top 500. I like that it’s voted for by people that have actually been there, but it does skew the results a little as the places that a lot of people have been to will also get more votes.

Either way, I enjoyed looking through the best places on the planet and it’s definitely given me more travel inspiration than I can handle.

Sometimes travelling just isn’t enough. I have a long list of places around the globe that I would most like to live, as well. I recently found these gorgeous apartments for rent West Palm Beach. I definitely wouldn’t say no to leaving the London commute behind and moving into an apartment right on the beach instead. Sounds like a taste of the good life, right?

Have you got a travel bucketlist? Where are the locations you would most like to go to? I’m going to write about my top five next week, so let me know what yours are. 

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