London’s battle of the burgers

I am a self-proclaimed burger connoisseur. I have made it my mission to try the best buns, patties and fries that London has to offer. I’ve tried the good, the average, and the incredible and now I’m going to pass on my knowledge because burgers this good deserve to be shared.

After months of burger-eating (I hope you appreciate how tough this job has been), I’ve whittled it down to my top four favourite London burger joints: Shake Shack, Honest Burger, Five Guys and Patty & Bun. I’m going to rate their burger-licious offering in three key categories: the burger, the fries, and the overall experience.

Only one can be crowned London burger champion. Read on to find out where you should be eating next time your’re in the city.


Shake Shack: Soft and squishy. The lettuce and tomato is bright and appealing, as is the gooey cheese. You can definitely tell that their pattys were put together a few minutes before being cooked, which is fab. The bun is the best part of this burger. 8/10

Honest Burger: Cooked medium, this burger is juicy and delicious. The cheese is more reseverved than other burgers, but the delicious taste of the patty makes up for it. 8/10

Five Guys: Wonderfully gooey. You will get messy with this burger, and it’s brilliant. One of the best parts is that you get to pick exactly which toppings you want, so no special orders or picking bits off. The cheese here is incredibly indulgent. 7/10

Patty & Bun: I think I could write a poem about how great the caramelised onions are on this burger. Mixed with bacon, cheese and their house sauce, this is a thing of beauty. 10/10image4


Shake Shack: Wavy and brilliant. They’re crinkle cut and sprinkled with salt. Very crispy and you will definitely regret eating them so quickly. One portion is never enough. 7/10

Honest Burger: Rosemary salted. That may sound pretentious, but they’re absolutely gorgeous. If you’re not a fan of salty fries then these might not be for you, but they’re the best things ever in my opinion. The portion size is good, too.  10/10

Five Guys: A zero out of ten if you have a peanut allergy. These are cooked in peanut oil and have a slightly acquired taste. I dunk them in ketchup to lessen the nutty flavour a little. The portions are huge, though, and they keep the skin on for added flavour. 3/10

Patty & Bun: Suspiciously similar to Honest Burger. Also rosemary salted, these are absolutely delicious and come in a heaped cup. When they arrive you will think you’ve ordered too many, but you will finish every last chip. Trust me. 9/10LONDON'S (1)


Shake Shack: The Covent Garden restaurant is in a prime London location, and it’s so beautiful to sit in the main plaza and munch on your delicious food. However, it is always very busy and nearly all of the seating, as well as the queue, is outside so it can be rather chilly in winter. All of the seating is covered, though, so you don’t have to worry about a sudden downpour raining off your dinner. 4/10

Honest Burger: With restaurants all over the city, some are busier than others. I recommend their King’s Cross branch as it’s slightly larger than others. If you do need to queue, they have a really clever system where a webpage refreshes to show your number in the line so you know when you need to head back to claim your table. It is quite squashed in the restaurant and fairly dark. The food comes in bowls which are very useful to contain all your beautiful fries. 7/10

The menu on the wall inside the Oxford Circus Honest Burger

The menu on the wall inside the Oxford Circus Honest Burger

Five Guys: No matter which Five Guys you go to, you’ll nearly always be met with a huge queue, and it always moves faster than you expect. The staff here are incredibly efficient so you’re never waiting for long. It is all self-serve here unlike the other competitors, causing some to liken it to an over-priced McDonalds (don’t believe them). The brown paper bags they hand out food in are very functional. 6/10

Patty & Bun: A teeney-tiny restaurant. If you want to eat at peak times then prepare to wait outside the restaurant for a significant amount of time. There isn’t a system where you can register in the queue and come back later here, either. That does make it feel quite exclusive, though, and the interior design is very cool. However they did push another table into our table for two once and put a couple on the same table as us. Even though the tiny gap won’t make much difference, this was a bit too close for real comfort. 4/10


Overall winner: 

Drum roll please… My overall winner is Patty & Bun. You may have to wait outside for a while to get a table, but there’s a reason why Londoners are braving the cold to eat these burgers. I never thought I would find a burger so beautiful outside the USA, but Patty & Bun are doing everything right in the heart of London. Next time you’re in the capital city, get in line and experience the perfection for yourself. The Smokey Robinson is my favourite!

Where is your favourite burger joint in London? I’d love to know where to try next! 

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This was NOT a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.