Walt Disney World 2016: Our holiday plan

As a Disney fan, there is little I love more than reading about holidays to Walt Disney World. There is nothing that enratptures me more than hearing about travel plans, dining reservations, and hotel choices than reading or listening to people go over their holiday plans. Sometimes I pick up tips or ideas, and sometimes I’m just nosey.

If you have the same affliction, then you’re in luck because in just over six months I will be jetting off to the place where magic lives for the eighth time in my fairly short life. I’ll be crossing the Atlantic once more to touch down in Orlando, Florida and I’m going to tell you all about what we’ve planned so far.

Over the next 200 days (not that I’m counting) I’ll be sharing a lot about the planning process, from fastpasses to picking restaurants, so stick around.


Partner in crime

I’m travelling with my younger sister Alice. It’s the first time that our parents have trusted me to look after her in a foreign country. They’re still convinced we’re going to kill each other, though. I agree that arguments are bound to happen, but we’ll definitely be able to keep these to a minimum purely because there is no time to be grumpy in Disney.

We are both absolute Disney and Harry Potter fanatics and she’s as excited about planning every aspect of the trip as I am. Plus, we are actually Anna and Elsa from Frozen; I’m the cool ice queen who is slow to trust, and she’s the adorable younger one who is a friend to everyone. There may or may not be a repeat of our 2014 Disney bound as our two favourite Frozen sisters. Watch this space.

Empty Main Street just before our reservation



We aren’t flying direct from the UK to Orlando, which is a right pain. But for the dates we wanted, indirect flights were £500 return per person, and a direct flight was £900. The choice was simple as three extra hours in Florida is not worth £400 to me. I’m sure some people will think differently, but I’d much rather spend that money on merchandise to bring home.



We booked while the incredible dining plan was on offer, which meant it was much better value to stay at a Moderate Disney resort than it would be regularly. We are staying at the Caribbean Beach resort and I could not be more excited. I can’t wait to get the buses to and from the parks everyday and then come back to the resort to lounge on the hammocks on the white sandy beach. Does anything sound more perfect?

We chose Caribbean Beach over some other options because it’s so close to Downtown Disney, Epocot and Hollywood Studios, and also because we love the Caribbean theme, especially after getting to visit the real place on our 2010 Disney Cruise.

We’re also staying in Universal for a few nights to make the most of Harry Potter World. We’re also roller-coaster junkies, so the renovated Hulk coaster will be a big attraction, as well as the infinitely terrifying Rip, Ride, Rock It. I’m also very excited about the Panda Express restaurant in City Walk. It’s the small things…



As I mentioned, our accommodation comes with the quick service Disney Dining Plan, and we upgraded to the regular plan for a small extra cost. This means we can eat in one of the table service restaurants everyday. Picking which reservations to make has been the hardest (and therefore most fun) part of planning so far. Currently we’re hoping to book the following:

    • Cinderella’s Royal Table inside Cinderella’s Castle
    • Tusker House for a buffet breakfast at Animal Kingdom
    • Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom to see Winnie the Pooh and friends
    • Mama Melrose’s Italian in Hollywood Studios
    • Bierkeller in the Germany Pavillion in Epcot
    • San Angel Inn in the Mexican Pavillion in Epcot
    • Liberty Tree Tavern in Magic Kingdom
    • O’hana at the Polynesian Resort Hotel
    • And a few other sideline contenders

That is the basic overview of our trip. I think I’m most excited to hug the castle and eat in all of the beautiful Disney restaurants with the dining plan.

I’m also seriously thinking of vlogging the holiday, but I’m not sure if it’s going to be for public viewing or not yet. Maybe it will hinge on how much Alice and I argue and how sweaty my fringe looks in the footage…



Are you going on a Disney trip? Tell me all about it! If you have any questions about our trip, please leave them in the comments. 

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  1. March 25, 2016 / 9:28 pm

    We are heading back to WDW in September for 3 weeks! Eek! We are staying in Port Orleans French Quarter, which is where we stayed before and loved it!

    My ADRs window is open, and so far I have reserved breakfast at Be Our Guest. We are on the quick serve dining plan, and the Be Our Guest breakfast is quick service credits!

    I am toying with the idea of booking breakfast at Tusker House and/or Crystal Palace, but would like somewhere for lunch? Any quick and handy but tasty – any recommendations?

    Also, I am thinking of booking the Wild Africa trek in the Animal Kingdom, but it is slightly costly, but still think it is completely worth it!

    Looking forward to hearing the rest of your plans!

    Jemma | http://www.thesweetpealife.co.uk

    • Lisa
      March 26, 2016 / 7:36 am

      Hi Jemma, thanks so much for your comment. There are some fab restaurants on the quick service plan, so you definitely won’t have to have burgers all the time like some people imagine.

      If you can only pick one, I’d go for Crystal Palace to get into Magic Kingdom earlier, and because the characters are harder to find in the parks. Food wise, they’re fairly similar.

      For lunch, I’d try one of the World Showcase restaurants in Epcot. They mostly have the same evening menus. Pick a cuisine you love or want to try; Chefs de France and the Japanese restaurant are particularly popular. Hope that helps!