New Orleans: Stay in a hotel with an authentic southern feel

New Orleans has some very cool accommodation options staying in authentic wooden homes, complete with shutters and a front porch perfect for sipping an ice tea on a rocking chair as you watch the sun go down. Sound like bliss? Then take a look at these perfect hotel and hostel options with a traditional flair.

Since New Orleans is a city where authentic can be even more enjoyable than luxury, I’ve decided to include two very authentic feeling hotels, as well as the usual hostel option. Which would you most like to stay in?


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I’m not going to recommend the hostel I stayed in this time. While the location was great and the staff were super helpful, it wasn’t particularly clean. And that’s just not good enough for you lovely readers.

If you’re looking for a hostel in New Orleans you’ll be pleased to know that most of them are packed to the brim with character. This pick is in a gorgeous old building, and with a name like Madame Isabelle‘s you’ll feel like you’ve properly been immersed in southern hospitality lifestyle. It’s in a slightly quieter area, but guests say they the warm and friendly atmosphere is worth the 15 minute walk to Canal Street. Plus, they have a jacuzzi. Need I say more? Dorm rooms from £20 per person per night. 


A slight word of warning – most hostels in New Orleans are badly signposted so that they blend in with their surroundings. Make sure you remember what the outside of your hostel looks like, as well as the name and number, to avoid a stressful arrival.


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How amazing is the exterior of the Balcony Guesthouse? I can already imagine myself standing on the second floor, looking out over the intersection with a cold drink in hand. The style of this hotel is typical of a lot of New Orleans architecture, so you’ll feel like you’re part of the furniture staying here. The rooms have a clean, modern finish to contrast with the traditional exterior. The location is good, just a few blocks from the Mississippi river. With rooms from $144 per night, it’s a really attractive option. 


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Ashton’s B&B certainly excel at the breakfast portion of the stay – a typical American booked breakfast that will make your mouth water in anticipation. It’s situated outside the French Quarter, but is still an easy walk from all the city’s main attractions. My favourite part about this guest house is the authentic colonial feel, from the exterior right through to the room furnishings and details. Rooms from $229 per night. 

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