Forget Valentine’s Day – Galentine’s is where it’s at

While my group of friends have been in and out of relationships, I prefer to sail along with single life and only put in time and effort when the right person comes along. So, as you might expect, I’ve been single for many a Valentine’s Day. Usually on February 14th around half of my closest friends are in relationships. In one horrific year at Uni, I was the only single person in our house of three couples. I felt like I was taking up much-needed space in the living room, and probably should have crept up to my room to watch TV instead.

But this year is going to be different. For the first time, all of my uni housemates are single along with me, so naturally we’re having a massive Galentine’s Day celebration.

Originally coined by Leslie Knope on the incredible mockumentary Parks & Rec – please watch it if you haven’t already – Galentine’s Day is really starting to take off in the UK. Singletons and couples alike are realising that one day in February shouldn’t require you to express your love any more than on a regular day. Buying expensive gifts and spending time together on Valentine’s does not guarantee your relationship is working, after all.

But I think spending time with your friends can never be a bad idea, so we have organised a weekend together full of eating, drinking and even a visit to the gym. It will surely be full of slobbing about watching TV too, which has to be one of the best bits of hanging out with your best friends. One thing is for sure – we will not be sitting home alone with a chick-flick on and feeling a bit sorry for ourselves. Instead, there will be girl power galore.


Even though the ‘most romantic day of the year’ (according to all the shops and adverts) is fast approaching, there’s still time to make some hasty plans with your girlfriends. Why not go to the cinema, grab a less-than-romantic meal together, or simply all meet up at someone’s flat for an evening of chatting?

Even if you’re in a serious relationship, and so are your friends, I still reccommend finding the time to celebrate being one another’s best gal pals. Last year we took a little mini-break to Manchester for a fantastic night out and day of exploring the city. It culminated in one of the best hot dogs I’ve ever eaten at Splendid Kitchen, so a wholly worthwhile trip in my eyes.

This Valentine’s make time for your other half, but don’t forget that your relationships with your best friends can be just as special.

How are you spending Valentine’s Day this year? I’ll update this post after the weekend to include some photos of our fun weekend. If there aren’t any, then please assume we spent the whole time in front of the TV.

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Image credit: Chase and Charles / News Cult