Perfect London Sunday in Greenwich

London is an amazing city to visit, and an even better one to live in. Yes, we might have to deal with the highest rent in the world, but there’s nothing like having one of the planet’s best cities to explore each and every weekend. I feel quite a bit of pressure to make the most of my treasured days off now that I work the 9 ’til 6 life, so I spend a fair amount of time trying to discover new places with my friends.

Greenwich is one of those places that, while being slightly off the main tourist trail, is postcard perfect. If you’re ever looking for something slightly different to do with your weekend in London, especially if you’re interested in meeting Llamas and a small hike to an incredible skyline view, then read on.


Jaye and I had a slightly delayed start to our Sunday because a) we both love sleep and b) there was a panic when she nearly broke my hairdryer, but we were soon on our way south-east. I live in West London, so it was a bit of a trek on the tube and then the DLR to Crossharbour. We walked across the Asda car park, which is as glamorous as it sounds, and found the entrance to Mudchute urban farm. An urban farm is full of all the usual animals like cows, pigs, sheep, horses and even llamas plonked in the middle of a city. This one is mostly visited by cool families and hipster couples. So, as two twenty-something women we were slightly out of place, but the animals certainly appreciated our company.

We took so many photos. Jaye got very ambitious and tried to take a selfie with a gigantic cow and somehow managed to pull it off. I stood open-mouthed at the fattest pig I have ever seen in my life, and bizarrely enchanted a llama. It was a very unusual start to the day, but such a fun thing to do with your best friend.

huge piggy

jaye and the cows

llama lisa

After we’d met the animals, we caught the DLR to the Cutty Sark stop in Greenwich. I love this place. There are a fair few tourists here on weekends, but it’s still worth the visit. We stopped at the market first to pick up some street food for lunch. Since it was Sunday, we both got a mini roast dinner and took it to the beautiful maritime college grounds to eat. If you’re as much of a Marvel fan as me, then you’ll instantly recognise the buildings from the final scenes of Thor: The Dark World. If you’ve never seen it, then you’ll still be enchanted by the beauty of the place.

Once we’d had a stroll around, black clouds were looming ominously overhead. It looked like it was going to pour down in a typical British fashion but we didn’t want to call halt on our day just yet. Instead, we headed for Greenwich hill and climbed up to the top.

“I didn’t realise this view you’ve been going on about would involve climbing a small mountain,” Jaye complained as we were halfway up.

“Well, if you don’t want to pay £25 to go up the Shard then this is the best alternative,” I reminded her.

Once we were at the top she quickly agreed that the view was well worth the walk. It even choked me up a little bit. Now that I’ve lived in London for almost half a year it really feels like home, and I bloody love it here.

We pratted about on the Greenwich Meantime Line – i.e. the place where the world’s time starts – and then headed back down the hill. Of course, we had more than earned some pancakes and lots of chocolate by this point, so we went back to the market and practically inhaled a sugary snack from one of the stalls. Then we warmed up in the lesser-known cafe on the top floor of Waterstones, which has tables that are perfect for people watching.


image1 (3)

image2 (3)

image3 (3)

When night had truly fallen we walked over to the Cutty Sark, the last surviving tea cutter ship and one of the fastest in the seas when she was built. Sadly you have to pay to enter the museum and learn the full story, but it’s still a magnificent ship to behold. The view over the Thames to Canary Wharf in the dark is stunning. The cold soon started to bite, so we headed back home.

It was a lovely day out and fun to do something a bit different. I’m already looking for another great London day adventure for my upcoming weekends, so do let me know if you have any ideas.

lisamae signoff