Prague: Charming city hidden behind the tourists

I absolutely adore this city. Possibly one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited, though it’s completely overrun with other tourists that think the same. It’s cheap, fun, visually stunning and rich in heritage. It would also be a romantic destination for a couple’s weekend away, but as I visited with two other twenty-something females, we made the most of the cheap wine and a fun hostel. A direct flight can cost under £200 return, and with a flight time of around two hours it’s a fantastic weekend break destination.



Visit the Castle. I was incredibly excited to visit the castle, as it looked breathtaking from the window of a mad-man’s taxi as we went hurtling through the streets of Old Town on our way to our hostel upon arriving in the city. As you know, I’m obsessed with Disney and therefore I was very excited at the prospect of climbing the hill to reach the castle. However, it wasn’t quite as I imagined. Rather than one large structure with great halls and turrets, what you see from down by the river is actually a collection of buildings, including a gigantic cathedral, palace buildings, great halls and residences. We paid for a guided tour of the Cathedral, which was led by an adorable Czech man who seemed rather daunted by the prospect of leading tourists around, and entry to the other buildings for 300 CZK, which was less than a tenner. Bargain.



Walk across the Charles Bridge and go back again, and back again… The structure connects the Old Town with Prague Castle, so most visitors find themselves crossing backw and forth quite regularly. Construction of the bridge started in 1357, and while all of the statues have been replaced between now and then, many parts of the original bridge remain. In the day, it’s packed with tourists, vendors selling handmade bracelets, artists, and surprisingly good string quartets. After a night out, it’s eerily quiet and possibly even more beautiful.


It’s very easy to be drawn into the tourist trap restaurants. One good thing about them, though, is that we were able to eat schnitzel and drink wine overlooking the river in a prime location, and it was still cheap thanks to the great exchange rate. Make the most of it.

Walking around Prague, you’ll spot lots of carts on the streets selling Trdelnik, or Chimney Cake. It’s cylindrical pastry covered in sugar, and it’s rather delicious. Just be careful if you select the version with Nutella in the middle, as it’s 100% likely to get all over your face.

Having some down-time in the Royal Gardens near the Castle

Having some down-time in the Royal Gardens near the Castle


  • Try to go in the low season as the narrow streets are crammed with tourists during the summer months, though it does get rather chilly in winter.
  • Stay out after dark. The younger generation make themselves known into the early hours and there are some really cool bars to get a locally brewed pint in. Just steer clear of the tacky organised bar crawls that thousands of reps will try to get you to sign up for.
  • Even if you’re not bothered about visiting the castle, make sure you trek up the hill because the view is well-worth the burning thighs and sweaty forehead. The distant roofs of Prague blend together to make an incomparable site.


Have you been to Prague? Have you got any tips that you would like to share? Or would you love to visit? Leave a comment! 

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