Far off places

Travelling is my passion. It’s why I get out of bed in the morning, slave away at work until 6pm, and put every spare penny I own into a metaphorical travel piggybank. While others save up for make-up, gig tickets, designer clothes or gourmet meals, I live carefully and then blow all my savings on an amazing trip once per year.

There’s just one problem, though.

Have you heard of a little place called Walt Disney World? Well, it kind of owns my heart. ‘Obsession’ isn’t quite strong enough to describe the love I have it. So far, it’s my favourite place in the world.

I am stuck between my two passions. Part of me wants to explore distant shores, stay in beaten up hostels and meet new people from different cultures, but the other just wants to go to Disney World and never leave.

And so, I’ve created this blog to serve both of these loves of mine. I want to share my past, present and future experiences of perfect hotels, delicious restaurants and unforgettable experiences from around the globe. If you’d like recommendations for things to do in various points around the globe, wishlists of dream destinations that are definitely on my bucket list, and lesser-known tips about Disney World from someone who used to work there, then I highly suggest you keep visiting.



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