I feel like I’ve travelled out of London tonight and entered a different world. That’s the power of Sounds and Sorcery, the new event at the Waterloo Vaults, inspired by Walt Disney’s classic film Fantasia.

Fans of the movie will absolutely love this immersive experience. The inspiration is clear all around. Most modern audiences probably find Fantasia a bit strange – I definitely do as it’s not anything like a feature film that would be released today. Instead of a clear story, it’s lots of images set to classical music, most of which is instantly recognisable. I rewatched some of it at the weekend and found myself zoning out while listening to the orchestra and gazing bleary-eyed at the morphing colours and shapes on screen.


Fantasia and chill

Just like the film, Sounds and Sorcery is a bit weird and eccentric. It starts with everyone gathering in a room and lying on big, circular sofas. Everyone gets a little partition, but be prepared to brush arms with a stranger for 15 minutes. Above you, instruments spin around in time to the music playing on your headphones. I felt dizzy when I stood up, but that really added to the surreal feeling the whole place has.

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I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 24! Yes, I’m officially no longer in my early 20s. Mid-20s are officially here and it doesn’t quite feel right. Twenty-three seemed to fly by without any major life events or changes. I don’t normally do a huge amount for my birthday now that the big milestones of growing up are out of the way. But this year, I had a great time celebrating, first with friends and then back home for a sunny family weekend.

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Considering I’m such a massive fan of Orlando and the Disney Parks, I don’t watch Disney movies all that often. I’m the kind of person that likes to watch new films and TV shows as much as possible, so I don’t revisit my old favourites regularly. There are some Disney movies, though, that I can never get enough of. I thought I would look at different categories of movies to pick out some of my favourites. Do you agree with any of them?


1. Best Princess film


It may not be a traditional Princess film, but I adore Mulan. It’s an incredible film with a fantastic message and great soundtrack. If we’re only looking at the classic Princess movies, Snow White would claim my top spot.


2. Best Pixar movie

Toy Story 2

This one is really tough. I love The Incredibles and Finding Nemo as much as Toy Story 2, but I used to watch the winner of this category over and over with my family. This was the first Pixar film that completely captured my heart. 


3. Movie with the best songs

The Lion King

Every single song on this soundtrack is iconic. From the instant sing-a-long that is Hakuna Matata, to the beautiful Circle of Life. I love the additions in the stage show musical, too.


4. Film with the best message

Princess and the Frog

I love that this diverse film shows young girls that they can dare to dream and that handwork pays off. ‘Almost There’ is one of my favourite songs and it’s so quotable in many situations.


5. Best live-action film

Mary Poppins

This isn’t even a close competition for me. This is one of my all-time favourite films. I think Mary Poppins is a fantastic character and Julie Andrews is amazing.


6. Film that I know inside out

Peter Pan

There was a stage in my childhood where I used to watch this every day. Even now, I feel like I could quote most of the script. I loved everything about this film and it is still one of my all-time favourites. Trip to Neverland, anyone? 


What are your favourite Disney movies in these categories?

Faraway Lisa Mae sign off

This blog post was meant to tell you about how I’m nearly ready for my second half marathon, taking place in my hometown in just over a month.

Everything was going well. I was about three weeks ahead of schedule and had finally started comfortably running past 10k. My last long run had been one of my most enjoyable in a long time and I had felt amazing afterwards.

Then it all went wrong.

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If you are subscribed to my YouTube channel (and please do if you haven’t already!), you may have seen all of my Disneyland Paris vlogs with my mum, my sister Alice, and her two friends Lauren and Rachel in February 2018. We had an amazing time, and sadly all of the vlogs have now been posted! Did you catch them all? Don’t fret because I’ve complied them all here so you can see all of the fun, food and magic from Disneyland Paris.


Day 1

We travelled on the Eurostar from St Pancras in London and arrived in the train station at Disneyland Paris in the early afternoon. Then we caught the bus over to the Kyriad Hotel, checked in, and then went back for a great day of fun in the Disneyland Park! The next job was sorting out everyone’s annual passes, watched the amazing 25th anniversary parade, and even stayed for the fireworks, despite the cold.

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