I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but over the last few weeks, my YouTube channel has ‘taken off’ a little bit. The Disney vlogs that I worked hard to film and edit have got a lot of attention, which is pretty unusual for me. I’ve had 16,000 views on a travel vlog in two weeks. I’ve had over 1,000 new subscribers in two weeks (which is loads when you only had 2,000 to begin with) and the comments have been flooding in.

Lovely response

The increased attention has meant I’ve been seen by a troll or two, but the positive comments have outweighed them exponentially. I’ve had comments from families that all sit down together to watch my Disney vlogs. People that say they cried watching them. So many people that say I’m so genuine and they really feel like they’re on the journey with me. And people that say that they love my family, which is so lovely.

I’ve been feeling the love. From YouTube itself as well. For whatever reason, they decided to push my Travel Vlog massively in the four days after it was published and it was popping up in lots of recommended videos for people who had never seen my videos before. I’m so thankful for that.

Years of my work

It is hard to grow on YouTube nowadays. I’ve been doing this for two years without any famous friends or influencers to endorse me or any budget to promote my videos or buy followers to look more popular (sadly I know many people that do this on social). In fact, the only budget I’ve had behind me is the £350 to buy my camera in 2016 and the £75 to renew my blog domain name each year – which I can usually use my YouTube revenue to pay for. All my other revenue goes towards me drinking cocktails (sorry not sorry). Nah seriously, it has helped me out at the end of a few months and avoided me dipping into my savings account to get through the last week until payday, which has been a huge help.

I’m really proud of myself and what I’ve achieved in the last few weeks. It feels like I’ve been making good content for a while, and now more people are noticing. But I’m most proud that I’ve done it all by myself. No cutting corners, no jumping the queue, no making fake friends, just making the content I want to make and having the best time.

Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for your support. It makes me incredibly happy.

Faraway Lisa Mae sign off

P.S. since you’re here, you might as well watch the videos if you haven’t already! Leave me a comment if you do. Thank you!

I’m making it my mission to keep exploring bits of London that I don’t usually find myself in, and today it’s the turn of one of the most famous and richest part of the capital: Kensington.

When I think of Kensington, I usually think of two distinct parts: High Street Kensington and South Kensington. If you need a base near the world-famous free museums, ultimate luxury shopping districts and beautiful cafes, then there are plenty of hotels near Kensington to choose from. In fact, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

All the attractions won’t keep you inside for long as there is so much to see and do, with some of it breaking the bank and other things coming in relatively cheaply.

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On every Florida Facebook group or forum, there is one subject that seems to get more heated than anything else: tipping. Do you do it? How much do you leave? The recommended amount, or go above and beyond? How do you decide? Should it be compulsory? What impact does it have?

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I feel like I’ve travelled out of London tonight and entered a different world. That’s the power of Sounds and Sorcery, the new event at the Waterloo Vaults, inspired by Walt Disney’s classic film Fantasia.

Fans of the movie will absolutely love this immersive experience. The inspiration is clear all around. Most modern audiences probably find Fantasia a bit strange – I definitely do as it’s not anything like a feature film that would be released today. Instead of a clear story, it’s lots of images set to classical music, most of which is instantly recognisable. I rewatched some of it at the weekend and found myself zoning out while listening to the orchestra and gazing bleary-eyed at the morphing colours and shapes on screen.


Fantasia and chill

Just like the film, Sounds and Sorcery is a bit weird and eccentric. It starts with everyone gathering in a room and lying on big, circular sofas. Everyone gets a little partition, but be prepared to brush arms with a stranger for 15 minutes. Above you, instruments spin around in time to the music playing on your headphones. I felt dizzy when I stood up, but that really added to the surreal feeling the whole place has.

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I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 24! Yes, I’m officially no longer in my early 20s. Mid-20s are officially here and it doesn’t quite feel right. Twenty-three seemed to fly by without any major life events or changes. I don’t normally do a huge amount for my birthday now that the big milestones of growing up are out of the way. But this year, I had a great time celebrating, first with friends and then back home for a sunny family weekend.

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