This week has been one of those that goes on and on and on. After such a fun weekend, most days this week have felt like Friday, but then the cold light of day descends and my alarm goes off at 7am the next morning, as always.

The weekend has mercifully come along now and I’m not even very happy about it. That’s because of a slightly terrifying event that is happening. After months of attempting to train, it’s time for me to do my half marathon and I’m a bit terrified. Lots of 6am starts and endless Sunday morning runs have lead up tot his point. Am I ready? Another few weeks definitely wouldn’t go amiss, but I’m ready to get out there and get it done now.

Also this week, I got to go on a boat trip up the River Thames with work and I ate the best fish and chips in London.

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Last weekend I went to my first ever Disney bloggers meet up. I was pretty nervous to meet some people that I’d been following on Twitter for months and have some fun in the city.

In typical Lisa form, I went out the night before and started the day feeling rather hungover. This did really help to make me feel less nervous about meeting everyone, but more worried about the state of my health for the day. It was definitely a rollercoaster of headaches and tiredness mixed in with the excitement of meeting everyone. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend several calming drinks the night before a meet up!

If you’re thinking of coming to the next event, then this blog is definitely for you. I’m going to go through the vague plan of the day, what everyone did and when they did it. I’m already looking forwards to the next Disney meet where I can catch up with my friends and meet even more Disney fans.

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After the agonising task of whittling down all my favourite musicals to my top 10, I realised that there are some that I really haven’t enjoyed. It must be just as important to share that information with you, as there’s nothing worse than being vaguely disappointed by something that you have gone a long way and paid a lot of money to see.

Obviously theatre is very subjective, and I’m sure you’ll love some of those on this list so I’m going to explain exactly why I didn’t enjoy this one.

Don’t think it will bother you? Then give it a try!

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I write this from a very hot apartment without any wifi. Yes, it has been a tough week. A heatwave in a west-facing apartment is never particularly fun. I can’t complain too much though, because I’m fully moved into that new home that I couldn’t stop banging on about. Yes, the horrible house share is behind me and I have a beautiful, clean apartment with my best friend instead. With brand new solid wood flooring and fresh paint that has a tiny tint of pink, I know this is going to be a happy home.

The joys of moving bring downsides as well. My bank account seems to have a hole in the bottom because money is constantly draining out onto things like ‘advance payment on the electricity bill’ and ‘council tax’. Plus there was that £100 that I accidentally spent on new furniture in IKEA. It was all great value – I promise! Read on to find out what else I’ve been up to this week.

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Island Antipaxos

I’m on a campaign to get young people to realise that cruising isn’t just for retirees. To me, cruising is like interrailing but without all the hassle. Instead of endless train journeys, you get ultimate luxury on a floating hotel.

When we went on Disney Cruises for three nights and then a week in 2010, I have to admit that it was more for the Disney aspect than the travelling. Now that I’m planning holidays without the family, I’m definitely considering cruises that explore places that I haven’t been before, and Scandinavia would definitely be at the top of my list.

Cruising experts over at Cruise Club UK have agreed to try to convince you why should re-think your next trip and think about exploring new places from a ship. I’m definitely convinced.

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