London musicals in the West End are getting more expensive and I am not happy about it. Prices have been creeping up slowly and steadily over the years, but the jump has increased lately and it isn’t coming back down. Do you remember a few years ago when people went crazy about the price of Elf tickets? The £240 premium seats made it the most expensive in West End history back in 2015, but now a seat costing £200 on a Friday or a Saturday night is the norm.

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Travelling is a popular hobby with tourists around the world, but when you’re doing it for the long term, it’s a whole new challenge. However, it is possible – so long as you’re prepared.

Here are seven necessary quick tips to help you prepare for a long stint of travel.

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Doing something different on holiday can be daunting, especially when you’re used to going back to the same place time and time again. This is particularly relevant for those who love Walt Disney World and Disney Parks around the world, but then go on their first Disney Cruise. You can go from knowing Magic Kingdom like the back of your hand, to being in a whole new world aboard one of Disney’s cruise ships: the Wonder, Magic, Dream or Fantasy. This shouldn’t be scary – it should be exciting! For those who love to plan, there is a lot to learn and get excited about before your trip.

Here are my top 10 tips to help you with your first trip on Disney Cruise Line. And it might even be helpful for those who have already been on a cruise. There is always more to learn!


If you have any questions about cruising with Disney, feel free to leave them in the comments below and I will try my best to help. Holidays on Disney Cruise Line really are my favourite things to do in the world now.

Want to know more about Disney Cruise Line? Watch my cruise vlogs on YouTube. Click here to read more about my cruise experience on the Disney Magic.

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When did you discover the Disney blogging community? We’re not too big, so it’s quite hard to spot us. Most likely, you found Disney vlogs first. How long ago was that: six months, five years? Recently, we saw the return of #disneybloggerschat on Twitter, and I didn’t realised how much we needed it, as a small Disney community of writers, photographers and videographers. I can already feel the old feelings of friendship and openness coming back, which makes me so happy.

One of the questions in Thursday’s #disneybloggerschat made me think about how I stumbled onto this niche community. It wasn’t quite simple enough to sum up in a tweet, so here we are. I’d love to hear your story as well, as it wasn’t particularly straight forwards for any of us. All that matters, after all, is that we found it.

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I love brunch. Going out for copious amounts of high-quality breakfast food is an idea that I can get behind. So when I was invited to try out Florentine’s punch brunch with unlimited cocktails for 90 minutes, I got myself down to Waterloo for a morning of delicious eggs and generous gin.

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