Who needs the Spanish coast when you’ve got Wales?

Yes, that might not be something that you hear everyday, but it certainly felt like that for me this week. For once in my life, I managed to book a week off work months in advance and the weather turned out to be beautiful. The August cloud and rain managed to hold itself at bay for a few days, allowing us to enjoy the glorious British sunshine. The sun’s rays were so strong that I managed to burn my arms and legs when we forgot the sun cream one day – a typical British mistake. Despite the skin damage, we had a really great time exploring a stream near Lake Vyrnwy, the beach at Morfa Nefyn, and the walled city of Chester, just outside the Welsh boarder.

Read on to discover my photo diary and my top tips for visiting in the summer. I also have a vlog accompaniment, so don’t forget to have a watch below!


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How to book Disney Fastpasses for the whole of your holiday

The 60-day countdown is quite an important one for anyone waiting for their Disney holiday to come along. At 180 days it’s time to book dining reservations, and the two-month mark is the turn of Fastpasses for rides for anyone staying in a Disney hotel. Everyone else has to wait another 30 days when the reservations are available to anyone with a valid park ticket, so it’s a great chance to beat the crowds and secure queue jumps for your favourite rides.

Every park ticket entitles the holder to three queue jumps – or Fastpasses – per day. If you want to find out more about what they are and which rides you should pick, this post explains nearly everything.

While I knew all about the theory, I wasn’t sure what it would be like to actually book them. Our 60-day mark soon came around and I had to hope everything would fall into place. If you’re in the same position as I was, then this should help you feel ready to book all those crucial queue jumps.

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Secret Parliamentroof garden

It’s been another packed week, with house hunting, Five Guys, the theatre, and even a secret roof terrace on the top of the Houses of Parliament. Technically, I shouldn’t have been up there, but I couldn’t resist the offer to see Westminster from this unique vantage point.

Read on to find out if the view was really as good as it sounds, and to discover my favourite blogs of the week.

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My 2016Walt Disney Worldbucket list

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I should put on my Walt Disney World bucket list for our 2016 holiday. Most online bucket lists are for first timers, like staying in a Disney hotel or visiting the resorts on the monorail loop. Others are sadly out of my price range, like the Chef’s menu at Victoria and Albert’s or getting a private tour guide. Since I have been lucky enough to visit the place where magic lives several times, I’m ready for the more advanced version without the huge price tag so I decided to put together my own list.

These are all the little things that we’re hoping to fit into our October 2016 holiday. We might not be able to squeeze them all into our jam-packed plan, but we’ll definitely give it a go. And if we don’t make it? Then we’ll just have to come back again in a few years. Sounds like the perfect excuse.

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dirty bones cocktails

As you know, I really love a good burger so I was super happy when my colleagues decided to check out Dirty Bones as an after-work social. I’d take a good burger over a heavy drinking session any day, which probably makes me sound a lot older than 22. But between red onion jam, brioche buns and a perfect patty, I can’t quite change my mind.

Click here to read my top 5 London burgers, but can Dirty Bones enter my leaderboard?

With yummy happy hour cocktails and insane fries, it stands a good chance.

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